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Tests for FreeRide

NEWS !!!

I found a universal StreamMapLine for FR M2
for summer

for winter

along these lines loaded almost all locations at once + Joe and Henry

•Misery Lane
•SeaGift's Office
•Room Maltese Falcon
•Chinese Restaurant
•Eric apartment
•Old Cathouse
•Clemente(only yard)
•Construction Site(get in Chapter)
•Prices office(get in Chapter)
•Maria Agnelo apartment(not knock on the door)
•Greenfield Villa(error loaded burned-out house)
•Prison(loaded but it does not work well) ???
•Leo Galante Villa
•Arcade roof ???
•Empire Bay Forge
•Empire Arms Hotel(garage and laundry room)

it all always available

you must delete the file pc/sds/missionscript/test_case
remove or change file testMain.Lua
zahar999" post=9643":22oi02my Wrote:NEWS !!!

I found a universal StreamMapLine for FR M2
for summer

for winter

It's really a big discovery.
this is a very good basis to reduce the size of the FR, I'll watch it more closely.

we get a 70-80% all available locations simultaneously
It is very convenient
but I can not understand the error
some problems with Joe's apartment,Greenfield Villa(error loaded burned-out house) and Prices office(get in Chapter)
and should be done opportunity change the weather
the rest works very well
for example in "Chinese Restaurant"
no not beautiful transition between floors when down the basement the elevator

you wrote
eXistenZ34" post=9646":xmkcf95p Wrote:But only FR JV is Ok for DLC JV.
if we use just the file "gui-main_dlc_rtr.sds" have obtains the Chapter menu for Jimmy.
and you have a FR JV and DLC is OK
that I need to change in the "gui-main_dlc_rtr.sds"
order to obtain independent FR for JV ?
not FR M2Ex
Wow, GREAT find Zahar.

I tested game.sds:ActivateStreamMapLine("summer") with Mafia 2 EX and most areas seem to be loading well with working doors and everything. Eric's apartment even has the NPC's loaded.

If only it didn't require a dedicated sky, it would have been the perfect streammap.
Weather is not a problem already working with my 25 choices in summer and soon in winter also.

for Prison, office price & distilery i prefer my script.

but we can work with 2 StreamMapLine.

it's very good for
•Misery Lane
•SeaGift's Office
•Room Maltese Falcon
•Chinese Restaurant
•Eric apartment
•Old Cathouse
•Maria Agnelo apartment(not knock on the door)
•Leo Galante Villa
•Empire Arms Hotel(garage and laundry room)
•Arcade roof ???
you must use game.sds:ActivateStreamMapLine("summer") or game.sds:ActivateStreamMapLine("winter") just to activate this area.
unfortunate that the human entity to all these places is not active, apart from Eric apartment.

I have not tested for FR JV "gui-main_dlc_rtr.sds". I look at it this weekend.

I will stop Free Ride for Mafia II v3.0 (Project ) and start v4.0.
Tommy Mafioso
I have not tested
but in FR M2Ex
because there works "M2DLC_Joes_Adventures_sm.bin" and other areas

I will stop Free Ride for Mafia II v3.0 (Project ) and start v4.0.
appeared large field for a new job
I want to try it on JV
how to solve the problem Greenfield Villa(error loaded burned-out house)
I tried it
does not help
two solution.

1) either you always work with game.sds:ActivateStreamMapLine("free_summer_load")
and you activate the different place with game.sds:ActivateStreamMapLine("summer")

2) you always use game.sds:ActivateStreamMapLine("summer")
and for Greenfield you reactive with game.sds:ActivateStreamMapLine("free_summer_load")

For weather it's easy :
game.sds:ActivateStreamMapLine("summer") use pc/sds/skies/09_01_meatpacking.sds
Use my file "freeride.sds" and rename it in "09_01_meatpacking.sds"
same thing for the winter, This is one file of these three
- 02_01_home.sds
- 02_02_home.sds
- 02_03_home.sds

My file "freeride.sds" contains all the weather of the folder "skies" + "rtr_sky.sds"
if use the first
then the meaning is lost
every time activate the line
can be found any other and not just this
the main meaning only in order to always worked this line ("summer") or ("winter")
and we have always had access to different places
without unnecessary reboots (but I'm afraid it's so easy is not will)

the weather understood Override files
but need correction so in chapter 9 no problems
In Chines restaurant there is some entity usable

activatable in these areas : Restaurant room, kitchen, courtyard.
E_Part1_Fetak1 to E_Part1_Fetak6 & Staff

activatable in these areas : courtyard, smokehouse, lab.
LabChemik1 to LabChemik6 & LabPolice1 & LabPolice2
[size=5:3viba55o]Test using original "E-Key" Toilet and Shower with animation.[/size]
[size=3:3viba55o]For all FR Ultra[/size]


[size=3:3viba55o]Example script LUA (Not for injector)[/size]
I downloaded looked, but me must understand
I tried to get :HasName("...")
but do not know that it ("Switch")
thank you
I will deal
I searched "HasName" in all LUA script inside sds file, "vitohouseb12", "vitoa3shop", "vitoa1" ... .

in "svetlo.lua" for all E-Key Switch.
in "ControlFlat.lua" it's for E-Key "Refrigerator" & "Sleep". ok for sleep
Quote:if l_3_1:HasName("E_Postel")then
active E-Key "Sleep" for all apartment, you can make a script longer than it's just for test.
[Image: 2q8q0w1.jpg]

in "Phone.lua" for tel not tested

but for example I have not found for lift in Chinese Restaurant or Empire Arms Hotel and it annoys me a lot.
Give me the lines to activate Chinese Restaurant and Empire Arms Hotel , I'll give you the info I get from the game once inside.
zahaar a donné la réponse ici en page 4 ... rt=18#9643
no with summer, winter, there is no info coming out from it for the lift, anything else to get me inside the chines restaurant ?

Si tu as une autre façon de m'amener dans le resto chinois, que le streammap du test de stress,dans greenfield villa, irish bar, greenfield bar, j'ai les infos qui resortent, mais avec l'utilisation summer ou winter, c'est vide...
Il ne faut pas comme zahaar vouloir utiliser que game.sds:ActivateStreamMapLine("summer")
mais l'utiliser pour activer une zone et réactiver le FR pour quitter la zone avec

Mes test sur FR M2 v3.0 utilise game.sds:ActivateStreamMapLine("13_triads_end") mais en plus de devoir réactiver le FR on doit aussi réactiver Joe et Henry.
eXistenZ34 Your freerides best of all! I have a couple questions for you:
Will FR EH M2 from you?
In your new freeride will be able to go to the toilet / mytsya in the shower / go to bed?
You will discover all the locations that you can?
Soon there will come DF DF M2 or M2 JA new one?
While all
my FR, is called
- FR JA v3.0 and soon FR JA v3.1 ... =144#10319
toilet and shower if there is enough space it will be in FR JA v3.1 or it will be in FR JA Ultra. ... =144#10309

- Project in standby for the moment (not enough space in the script) FR M2 v3.0

- in future FR JA Ultra

- in JA area not possible
-- 18th floor Empire Arms Hotel.
-- Vinci mansion.
-- 2nd area, chinese restaurant.
-- Prison.
-- Dome in the observatory.
-- Distillery.
-- Derek.
-- Seagift because the area is occupied by the cathousse.

what is it : FR EH M2, DF DF M2
Well no extra info with level13,the only thing I get is:
unluckily no more infos sorry :unsure: maybe I get more luck in the hotel
Edit: got more infos for lift
some scenes

for sewer not required StreamMapLine
Quote:game.entitywrapper:GetEntityByName("vito_kanal")Tonguelay() - get out of the hatch
game.entitywrapper:GetEntityByName("plot_cokel_final")Tonguelay() - dog
game.entitywrapper:GetEntityByName("vito_kotelna")Tonguelay() - boiler room

game.entitywrapper:GetEntityByName("cs_fmv0350")Tonguelay() - apartment Maria

Quote:game.entitywrapper:GetEntityByName("cutscene_ledge")Tonguelay() - roof "Market Arcade"

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