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Ruby's curtain call.
Well guys and gals. It's been a wonderful 8/9 years of playing Mafia, and an even greater 5 years or so of being a member of the modders community.

But I am afraid now, I think it's time for me to say goodbye Sad

It's not that I want to go. Its that I feel I have to. Our community is not as big as it used to be. I spent 3 years working on The Commission Mod, and did a couple of other mods before that (LH Mafia Wars and Days in the life mods).

All these things have taken time to produce. And with the community we had then, it was worth the time invested. Now, however. With such few people I feel I am investing too much for too little. Modding, after all, prevents me from getting on with the other things I wish to do with my spare time.

On top of that (Like Matteo said when he announced retirement) there is not a lot left to do with Mafia. A vast majority of its limits have been tapped. Nothing left we can do (which is a shame, as "djbozkosz" looks set to revolutionise the scene with his new LS3D editor. But it seems to have come just a little too late).

After the release of Mafia II, I knew we would be left as a smaller community. But I never expected this. That is why I made The Commission Mod Smile It was my "Ultimate tribute to Mafia". Which is what gave me the dedication to see it out through its 3 year development. Many have called it the best mod for Mafia out there, not for its technical capacity. But for the storyline and atmosphere it offers players. Personally, I am not a humble man so I wouldn't agree with that. Balderdash I say. There are far better mods than my own Wink

I shall still pop into this site every now and again just to see how things are going. But in terms of the modding. I am done. And The Commission Mod, was my curtain call. Maybe one day I shall have a "Rocky Balboa" moment and decide to do one last mod. But we shall see what's going on here if and when that moment decides to come.

Catch you around people Smile



*puts on his overcoat and hat, shuts off the light and walks out the door forevermore*

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