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Car properties edditing
I want to change car settings (like speed; acceleration; etc...), but I can't found any file where it can be to edit.
I have SDS Tool GUI, but if I extract any car .sds it extraxt only textures; sound; collisons and Stream.xml...

Can anybody help me?

Sorry for my English,

Check out Dgumba's (cannabean5's) YouTube Channel.

He has a "Mafia 2 Car Mod Tutorial" along with others he was able to figure out.
Most of it involves "Hex Edit" which can be a pain at times but he has done some good work.

I think I saw a stats file in tables.sds that's similar to GTA's handling.cfg when I did some snooping around with Rick's SDS tools.

Q808 - You are right! I edit EntityDataStorage_0.bin for jeep_civil in Notepad++ exactly like cannabean5 and speed and horsepower is changed in game, but jeep rides only in 6000+ rpm. In less car just stay or loses speed.
However thank you - I will play with it Smile

lpg_unit - I was looking for any things in tables.sds, but I can? find anything. Maybe I'm just blind.

Also, once you have made changes test it in both "Driving Modes" in the Main Menu Options.

Driving Mode Set to Normal (steering and braking assists) or Simulation
(no assists; acceleration is more realistic for the cars of the era).

I believe it makes a difference but not sure which setting Dgumba's uses.
I'd have to research that one. Smile

Yes, Simulation is better then Normal Mode of driving, but it isn't solve the problem.
First I edit properties of jeep_civil and there was the problem - I edit ISW 508 to 324mph (521kmph) and it work as I wanted Smile

Once more - Thanks Smile
Stick with it and you will start to understand how it works.
Sorry to re-ask the same question, but i was not able to find dgumba's article in his youtube channel.
Can someone repost it, or give me some indications? :dry:

I will also appreciate anything useful if someone would help... Smile
...and obviously thanks to everyone Wink
how much I know Dgumba never did not write an article (possibly I mistaken)
but I have not seen from him information
the fact that it changes the bin files this is so clear
Any hex editor (Hex Workshop,UltraEdit etc.)
but that it changes and where He did not say
handbook the code for Mafia II there is no
I think that he does it
method inspections and errors
Hi zahar999, i sincerely wish to thank you for the fast answer :woohoo:

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