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Re: Mike Bruski's Colour Settings For Mafia II
I don't really fancy the lighting all that much in Mafia II and what is weird, Mafia II's graphics are really strong in lighting, other games refuse to change lighting and look worse when you try and make them better, but Mafia II just looks soo good when you hookup lovely colour settings, take a look at the pics below...

[Image: mikebruskigraphicsetup2.png]
[Image: mikebruskigraphicsetup.png]
[Image: mikebruskigraphicsetup3.png]

My Nvidia Colour Settings are...

Brightness : + 60%

Contrast : + 100%

Gamma : + 1.50

Digital Vibrance : + 50%

Hue : + 0

(NOTICE: Set your game brightness to (1) if set at 2 it will not look as good as the pics above.)

Not sure exactly what the settings are for ATi GPU's but I assume it is the same hookup, please tell me your thoughts.

Also I use the FXAA modification and the Depth Of Field Removal mod. DX11 FXAA / Depth Of Field Removal - Mafia II - Download
How does everyone fancy the colour settings in comparison of the original default colour settings?
I think that modded lighting is better than the original one. Driving will be more comfortable if the lighting is less.
Nice contrast.
I really love to play the game with that light setting, makes it feel so much more real, the night time driving is real eye candy because the city is lighted so nicely, only way to enjoy Empire Bay is to have those light settings, and the light settings also look brilliant while in cutscenes and story levels, it makes everything feel alot more real.
What does that mod (FXAA Depth Of Field) do in the game ? Does it take noticeable effect ?
The only way to really notice the differ of FXAA, is if you install the DOF removal mod wich I will list below...

The graphical differences are huge, checkout the photo's too...

[Image: screenshot525861.jpg]

[Image: screenshot52694_1.jpg]

Depth of Field Removal

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