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any updates?
is the mod still in development?
i saw on internet some peoples saying that the mod is 'dead' and i just want to see what you say about it
Latest I saw was character selection

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looks very ..uhm..nice.
thanks for the reply
Visit Multiplayer page on YT
@ Cole Phelps: That's the other multiplayer mod by modmywhat, but they haven't had news for ages and have far less progress (-> their mod is dead).
The correct links are:

The mod is still in development and a pre-alpha should come out soon (I hope). But they had already announced a release for September or October.
Of course modding Mafia II isn't easy, especially if you attempt something that great.

Aaron has asked 2K Czech if they're releasing an SDK for Mafia 2. (!/m2mp)
I suppose we'll get more information when he gets or doesn't get a response from 2K Czech.

I wish Aaron best of luck, but I don't think 2K Czech will release an SDK... Sad
@Don Calzone
SDK or some information about engine (maybe tools, etc.).

[Image: 1323045463284438.jpg]
IMHO, both mod projects are dead by now... Sad
on the site started a countdown ... #entry2295
to which he will lead us?
Hmm.I think that another important video.Or a betatest?
Also Zahar.Do you think that it will require Steam version to play it?
if it's just a video
then it is foolish

but how this might work, I really can not imagine
how can we play in the chapters on the network between each other?
Dunno.I heard that for riding a car for example in there it needs to be synchronized.Some sort of a codding synchronization maybe?It all should be done by a code but dont know the details really.

Here is a vehicle sync test in mafia 1 multiplayer.But you can see that its not 100% of it. ... el&list=UL
thanks for the vid samo
Yes but the vid seems to be 5 years old so the mod is probably dead Big Grin
oh Sad
But they wrote on youtube six months ago that mod is still being prepared.

This topic is related M2 Multiplayer Wink
Forgive me mister,i didnt notice Wink
they are preparing to relese a beta version of the mod so we need to wait just a little on
btw. i don't know if you still remember me from winter but now i'm back Wink

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