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any updates?
yes in the photo so was
only I too was in briefs

pity that Aaron does not want to cooperate with you
then freeride would be much more diverse
maybe they have other problems
and if you open the door I also have to see it
synchronization problems
whether they can do it?
New on M2-Multiplayer by me. ... #entry3600 ... #entry3667

and also this new, very promising ... #entry3672
very interesting
Now the work go faster
hope that your contribution to the multiplayer will be significant
Getting killed no longer crashes the game, which is a relief. Although we do obviously need to have the damage sync fixed for proper deathmatches. ^_^
0.1a-r4 is out...sounds good :
- Fixed issue with nametag health being able to exceed it's box
- Added chat history - you can use the up/down arrows to scroll through your history of chat
- Fixed ESC pausing the game if you're typing
- Added quick connect to the server browser
- Improved server browser design
- Added /savepos default command to save your current positon & rotation
- Fixed some crashes when you respawn
- Fixed animation locking issue when you press T
- ESC no longer pauses the game
- Fixed vehicle radio stations
- Chat won't hide if you press ESC/M anymore (need to reverse and find game state)
- Server browser favourites have been disabled (temp)
quote from Aaron on
good thing

Edit : is again down

it reminds me the end of

as if he suffers DDOS attac

2K Game, would not be happy.
after installation r4
I had to remove all DLC
otherwise it will not run
that it should have been?
what is now corrected radio
If there are no cars in the garage
yes Zahar at start m2mp ask to rename the dlcs folder because it does not support it (or they just don't want it)
so it is normal.
I renames mine xdlcs. then only start m2mp.exe

but now for me with r4, I can only loggin on empty server, if other people already on server it just crash Sad
zahar999" post=8984":1mp35jze Wrote:what is now corrected radio, If there are no cars in the garage
Good question zahaar, but you have your menu on the port, you can add all cars.

and here is my test on the 0.1a-r4, of the Bus Simulation. ...

the ticket price is big (200.00), but it's just for testing.
great Smile
very good but i'm not sure what's we'll see this in the multiplayer?
you can do better for multiplayer 100% change of character
or at least for the exclusive character
make the video and show Aaron on the forum
they made such attempts
maybe it will interest them
I don't know ... #entry3818
I correctly understand
if you upload these 4 cars
their will see all the players
This is a test I would like to do if Aaron wants to synchronize "bossCar1" "bossCar2" "bossCar3" but after
game.sds:ActivateStreamMapLine("fr_sds_mansion_unload") Cars disappear and human entity rest.
and you know very well how I can keep a car, but Aaron don't believe me.

and this is starting to tire myself out of being forced to justify myself every time.

Info for everyone if you did not know : The multi use entity of Mansion.
info provided by Costa in his FR v2 late 2010.

Thing you did not know they contacted me in 2011 to know my compétance with a questionnaire that I filled.
after I asked them a question about the file size limit for the RF.
I waiting always the answer, it's been almost one year.

Just explain him that instead :

When you unload some StreamMapLine, there is some leftover entities, and they might be seen by everyone in mp.
so if they are activated server side, it could be tested.

Peut être un problème de clarté de translation, il n'a pas l'air contre du moment que ça n'affecte pas la collision du sol, et ça tu lui as déjà montré
Si tu veux le StreamMapLine utilisé ("fr_sds_mansion_load") et celui pour activer Vinvi mansion.
il nous donne donc accés a
- La villa
- 3 voitures
- 30 enemies
- 4 boss
mais le reste de la map n'est plus activé. la première personne a utiliser cette commande est Costa dans sont FR v2.
quand tu quitte cette zone il faut utiliser une autre commande ("fr_sds_mansion_unload") pour réactiver les autres partie de la carte, mais a ce moment là, la villa et les 3 voitures disparaissent.

Sur le serveur il utilise ("fr_sds_mansion_load") et juste aprés ("fr_sds_mansion_unload") donc pour lui c'est impossible de garder les voitures.
Car il ne faut pas croire que c'est eux qui on trouvé ces entity ils ont utilisé les infos du dernier FR de Costa du 29/09/2010 ça ne date pas d'hier.

hors moi je sais comment garder quand meme ces voitures active. meme si je ne parle pas anglais entre la vidéo et les images je pense avoir été clair.
et vu qu'ils ne savent pas le faire pour eux c'est impossible que moi j'y arrive.

je ne suis pas codeur en C++, n'y programmateur, n'y informatitien et il le sait depuis 2011 mais je pense en connaitre bien plus qu'eux sur ce LUA made in 2K Game.
as I wrote
pity that Aaron does not want to cooperate with you

If Aaron does not believe or does not understand
just suggested him to use other StreamMapLine for load FR
for example
He also will
33 people + cars
and a fully working map

Why, he begins FR with this line "fr_sds_mansion_load" for a villa
You can find many other StreamMapLine
Well,in case you are right, and he does not activate boss cars
(and if it have not changed because quite old), that's what was said in octobre 2010 by Aaron:

"Yes, we're aiming for the SA-MP Style servers where owners can create their own gamemodes and such. (Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Roleplay, Freeroam, etc..) "

So if it still stands,nothing is closed for making the changes you want to on the mp. at least I hope :unsure:

I don't know if it is a coincidence but
@ Aaron : (23 June 2012 - 12:38 AM) Working on vehicles - still reversing to get my vehicle creation functions working
you saw that the game has beautiful a menu cheat codes?
but it is blocked
and I can not get it to work
it has all the cheat codes for game

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