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Vito Scaletta's Service Uniform [W.I.P]
Hi all,


I've been in the process of recreating the Service Uniform/Service Dress that is included in the WAR HERO DLC that would reflect on Vito Scaletta's Service from 1943-1945 while with the 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment in the 82nd Airborne. Below will reflect on his decorations


Vito was drafted in either May 1943 or later(Born 5/2/25 and arrested when 18 Years Old) and would've participated in atleast 5-6 Campagins while with the 504th PIR: (Italian Campagins: Sicily, Naples-Foggia, Anzio) Battle of the Bulge, and Rhineland.

For these Campagins he would have the European-African-Middle Eastern Campagin Medal with 4 Campagin Stars and a Arrowhead Device(Parachute Jump)

He was wounded during the Battle of the Bulge qualifying him for a Purple Heart, he was decorated with a DSC(Distinguished Service Cross: 2nd Highest US Army Decoration below the Medal of Honor) and I believe he would've also qualified for a Good Conduct Medal. As he was in the Military for about 1 Year and a half he was also awarded the Combat Infantryman Badge for in combat and performing infantry duties and as he was in the 82nd Airborne he qualified for Parachutist Wings.



The file is still in W.I.P because there are only two problems: I need to resize the Parachutist Wings and the original insigina on the lapels of the Service Dress are still visible for some reason even though and do not have them on the file. I need help with the, and files. I don't exactly understand how to edit those but if I do find out I believe the uniform will be ready to be uploaded.


If anyone has any questions feel free to comment or PM me. ENJOY THE PICTURES!


Credit to Officerpuppy for his War hero Pack 4 for the original template



Overview of the Uniform.[Image: ServiceUniformOverview_zps5ad9daa0.png]

Closeup showing Ribbons, CIB, Jump Wings, Branch of Service Insignia(INFANTRY), Presidential Unit Citation, and the Overseas Cap Paratrooper Patch

[Image: ServiceUniformcloseup_zpscfa28187.png]


Close up of the Service Uniform. Decorations are: Parachutist Wings, DSC, Purple Heart, Good Conduct, European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal with 4 Campagin Stars and a Arrowhead Device, Combat Infantry Badge. On the left side is the Presidential Unit Citation with 2 Oakleaf Clusters(3 Awards: Anzio, Operation Market Garden, and Battle of the Bulge)

[Image: ServiceUniformOverviewcloseup_zpsa8e8b47d.png]
Need a moderator or admin to move this to Mafia II Mods! I'd really like some help for the texture problem I'm having!

I use, it works fine for me.

anyway what you need to do is in your file just cover want you don't want to show up

with what ever the prominent color is, it's usually blueish green color.

and the same with your file which is almost always black.

As far as editing things in the file, well that's simply trial
and error

or at least that's how I do it.



I Hope This Helps.



the and files are complete but the and are the only files I'm having issues with and what appears to be the ones that I need to deal with. What exactly should I do? I have Paint.Net and I'm thinking of making the Black kinda transparent and see if it works.

Hi All,


I was finally able to complete this uniform and I will be uploading it for public use. Credit to user Officerpuppy for first editing the template and credit to myself for the historical notes on what Vito would have been awarded while in the US Army.



[Image: 1zgdldu.png]



[Image: wsqw77.png]




I fixed the Parachutist Wings and the original Branch of Service Insignia on the lower Lapels of the Service Uniform.

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