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Re: My first tutorial for Mafia 1

Tutorial useful for everyone, who wants to gain this new "weapon" in Mafia - The City of Lost Heaven with speed and ease.

Mission 10 - Omerta.

Soundtrack ingame - Nat King Cole - Deck The Halls from Mafia 1 Snow Mod addon.

Mounted using Windows Movie Maker for our friendly site

Hope everyone likes it.


But you don't like dogs and women. B) (take with Humor)
So that's how to do it! I've been looking for a way to get a dog's head in Mafia (without using any trainers) for ages. And this idea never came to me that I had to blow up a car with a dog nearby. Thank you Cole, this sure was helpful Smile I'm going to try that Big Grin
Thanks for the comments. I'm glad it helped.
And how it works, fellas ?

One more thing - to have fast-shooting gun you should use Mafia v1.2 +4 Trainer.

It has four useful options for the game and other two not connected with gameplay B)

F2 - Invincibility
F3 - Never Reload
F4 - Unlimited Ammo
F6 - One Lap Race
F7 - Reset All
F12 - Quit Game

I'm attaching the photo with this trainer.

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