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Car Racing in Empire Bay
whenever I can I will provide a script "FR" with information needed to make a circuit race with checkpoint For M2 and JA.

it'll be just a script only on race cars, nothing to do with FR M2 or FR JA. But that could can be used later in v4.0.

like that, people like zahaar999, Danwell, Ocram or any other person, may make different circuits or improvement. that I'll post on the homepage if you give your script.

the reason is that I have not enough time to do everything it myself.
hoping that my nickname "eXistenZ34", remains written and visible as the basis for this script if you broadcast aillor.
si tu as besoin d'un monteur vidéo ca me ferait un grand plaisir et to nom sera afficher du début a la fin Tongue
dandwell" post=3244":1ljiin5n Wrote:Well here, it as though a glitch, but not stable repeaters

hello good I wonder where he got the peugeot 406 cab photo that is in the profile, I'm a big fan of that car and especially the first 3 movies.

You please Can you tell me what page you downloaded the car the peugeot 406 cab?? because i was looking for but I did not find anything,


eXistenZ34 thanks for these pieces of mods you do and do a great job.

Greetings from Spain
POST DELETED (wrong unsderstanding of question): oops thx Zahar, I drink too much coffe Blush
He asks about the car "Peugeot 406"
the picture in your profile dandwell

che street rod
this car is for the game Mafia: The City Of Lost Heaven
I found one article dandwell for you
but the link for download already does not work ... =1368&st=0
it was not necessary delete your the message
you are there so many different written information
it might help to someone

I'll go too, to drink coffee
Does anyone know where I could get Peugeot 406 taxi to the Mafia 1?

thank you very much
che street rod" post=9437":eudsx4r9 Wrote:Does anyone know where I could get Peugeot 406 taxi to the Mafia 1?

thank you very much

may be asking your question on the topic for M1 : "Mafia mods" or "Mafia Mod Request" in category "Mafia Editing"
Sorry, but no car like that exists for Mafia 1. And hey, we are posting our car's needs here Wink
@eXistenZ or else
Ok, to get back on topic, you probably know, that Mafia2 was supposed to have a Quick Race,
(and a Quick fight, I came across those nomination somewhere once but not in xml)
probably started from the main menu or same as freeride.

The file is FR_racing.sqs, a while ago I tried to 'streammap it' but without success
(maybe syntax or missing stuff) you probably tried but never know in case you did not.

And,eXistenZ; you mentioned earlier 7 nav points, is this the limit of the followtrail table or just a number you decided ?
I see this file "FR_racing.sds" well after my script Car Racing, but no command "StreamMapLine" is associate him.

"you mentioned earlier 7 nav points," just a number that I decided for race track in my video.

for Escaper mode, I thought selecting specific intersections and when the car arrives, it randomly takes one of three directions possible, etc. ...

but the biggest problem is still the file size limit of FR.

I have to redo the whole game to check some point, and after I give all information to use another scripts from the FR.
Wow eXistenZ34.
Nice to see you still modding mafia ii. :-)

Btw seems all of our post are gone.
I doon't thinks so, this is not

glad to see you here!
I'm from Russia
and your FR M2Ex so far modify and play!

can you help me
I want to have independent FR for JV not FR M2Ex
that I need to change in the "gui-main_dlc_rtr.sds" or in another file?
Hi orangpelupa, I'm glad to see you again on this other site, it's not

FR JA is well advanced, and many other things were found with the help of zahar999.

Your FR M2Ex, also has progressed :
- ... x-by-b1010
yeah, seems the database is not transferred from to

Long time ago someone already made independent FR for JV. Unfortunately i no longer have the sds. My laptop is stolen so there's so little thing left about Mafia 2.

nice to see you too.
the site theme, logo, and name make me think its part of team. So i though the database may be lost.

and wow, the mod seems progressed very far.
if i can find where i put my Mafia 2 backups i think i will try ... -fr-beta-1 Big Grin
By the way, welcome amoung us, if your a modder, we can set your own corner, but it would be kind if you finish your profil with an avatar, thank-you.
thanks, i have put an avatar on it Smile

and yes, i was a modder of M2EX. I will gladly put my files on the corner.
Thank you sir, I will have your corner set up by Joshua witch is our admin.
Mon chère crazypreacher c'est le créateur du FR M2Ex voir mon message ici ... art=6#8944 ... to-do#8943

on a travaillé ensemble sur mafiascene .com

PS: un peut en avance pour le 14 juillet. Smile

orangpelupa for all news look my youtube chanel.

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