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Custom songs playing on bar and house radio?
So, converting songs to the game using "Mafia II Music Manager", usually your custom song would be blank on radio outside of a car.

However, I added a 30 minute long Wolfman Jack Show aircheck without editing it or anything and I plays the full thing on a radio inside of a bar.

The audio file itself was 128kbps so I tried converting stuff to 128. But that was no bueno.

So, I came here to the professionals of Mafia games, what do I have to do to get it working on radios?

Do I need to convert it to a specific setting, or does everything over 30 minutes long magically work?

Because I wanted to edit the airchecks to make 10 minute long clips and have the whole Delta Radio station "The Wolfman Jack Show".


Edit: Solved! I figured out that it has to be mono audio in order to work on radios!

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