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Speed Limit doesn't change to 60 mph in FR
Hello to mafiascene members

I recently finished Mafia - The City of Lost Heaven with Main missions and Free Ride Extreme Challenge and along with all Free Ride options unlocked one important feature / bonus is the Speed limit change from 40 mph to 60 mph (when pressing F5).

I am still having 40 mph shown in Free Ride Sad since entire game is 100% completed with a total number of saves 115 (excluding Free Ride) in "Load Game" section.
everything is unlocked and working perfectly. I have never typed in Cheats nor used any Mods or Data extractor.

Its a clean game finished from start till the end straight.

Earlier never had this problem. Sad
I have tried everything but speed limit still spears as 40 mph rather 60 mph in Free Ride despite game completion.
I am using Original Mafia pre-patched version 1.2

I request members to help me in this regard (link my savegame folder). Thank you!

virustotal report - ... 327816975/
Members .. please help!!! ..
You should change it in Options -> Car settings. Look for Unit Option and then change to KPH.
I knew this would be the reply..please let me state again

I know about the options menu that changes mph to kph.

40 mph = 60kph

I want 60mph [/size][/size](miles per hour)[/size] in place of 40 mph ..I suppose veteran mafia fans understand what exactly my problem is all about.

I can't play Free Ride with 60 mph (not 60 kph) as the speed limit.[/size]

I request some advice and help in this regard..
I'm having the exact same problem.

Finished the storyline (which is meant to increase the speed limit) and also most of the Free Ride Extreme missions, but the speed limiter still sets to 40mph instead of 60mph (in both Free Ride and Free Ride Extreme).

The only code I've used is the one to increase the draw distance, but I haven't read anything about this affecting the speed limiter.

I want to play some Free Ride but it's kind of lame with the slower limit.

Anyone who can help please do!

EDIT: I'm running Mafia through Steam if that makes any differance.
Hmm looks like the only option is to edit it in bscript.Since youre not the only one who has this problem...
Dude you said that its "clean game" you have without mods and such things.Repairing a bugg is not dirting the original game Wink You should play some mods its a lot more fun than the originall game.Try out darrens freeride supreme.The original one sucks.
I love the original actually but there you go.
Ah i wrote myself wrong:/I mean the freeride in the original game sucks not the whole game of course Big Grin

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