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What up, Porkies!

I'm SL1DE.

And I've been playing Mafia II since first day of release in 2010. Have it on both PS3 and PC. (Got it on PS3 first)

I have also played the first Mafia game, and although the story was great, I wasn't too thrilled with the mechanics.

Mafia II is perfect though. <3

Anyway, hi. Smile Glad to have finally joined these forums after these months of lurking.
Hi, welcome amoung us and have fun with all the mods we have available here you will have fun for years to come
Welcome to Smile
Hello SL1DE, have fun here Smile

Regards from Poland Smile
SL1DE post=15659 Wrote:after these months of lurking.

lol Big Grin
I feel so welcome. :lol:

Forgot to mention my location - Melbourne, Australia. B)

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