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car model name list mafia 1
hi i am wondering if anybody has the car model name list for mafia 1 which shows which file is linked to each car in mafia 1??
Yeah, I got 8)

Ordinary cars

[spoiler:1dmuv2rl]Bolt Ace Coupe - fordtco00.4ds
Bolt Ace Fordor - fordtFor00.4ds
Bolt Ace Pickup - fordtpi00.4ds
Bolt Ace Runabout - fordtru00.4ds
Bolt Ace Touring - fordtto00.4ds
Bolt Ace Tudor - fordtTud00.4ds
Bolt Model B Cabriolet - ForAca00.4ds
Bolt Model B Coupe - ForAcou00.4ds
Bolt Model B Delivery - ForAde00.4ds
Bolt Model B Fordor - ForAfo00.4ds
Bolt Model B Pickup - ForApic00.4ds
Bolt Model B Roadster - ForAro00.4ds
Bolt Model B Tudor - ForAtu00.4ds
Bolt V8 Coupe - forVco00.4ds
Bolt V8 Fordor - forVfor00.4ds
Bolt V8 Roadster - forVRo00.4ds
Bolt V8 Touring - forVto00.4ds
Bolt V8 Tudor - forVtud00.4ds
Brubaker 4WD - miller00.4ds
Bruno Speedster 851 - speedster00.4ds
Caesar 8C 2300 Racing - alfa00.4ds
Caesar 8C Mostro - alfa8C00.4ds
Celeste Marque 500 - merced500K00.4ds
Corrozella C-Otto 4WD - bugatti00.4ds
Crusader Chromim Fordor - pontFor00.4ds
Crusader Chromim Tudor - pontTud00.4ds
Falconer - blackha00.4ds
Falconer Gangster - black00.4ds
Falconer Yellowcar - taxi.4ds, taxi00.4ds, taxi10.4ds
Guardian Terraplane Coupe - hudcou00.4ds
Guardian Terraplane Fordor - hudfor00.4ds
Guardian Terraplane Tudor - hudtu00.4ds
Lassiter V16 Appolyon - hartmann00.4ds
Lassiter V16 Charon - hearseCa00.4ds
Lassiter V16 Fordor - cad_ford00.4ds
Lassiter V16 Phaeton - cad_phaeton00.4ds
Lassiter V16 Police - polCad00.4ds
Lassiter V16 Roadster - cad_road00.4ds
Schubert Extra Six Fordor - chemaFor00.4ds
Schubert Extra Six Police Fordor - polimFor00.4ds
Schubert Extra Six Tudor - chematud00.4ds
Schubert Extra Six Police Tudor - polimTud00.4ds
Schubert Six - chev00.4ds
Schubert Six Police - poli00.4ds
Silver Fletcher - arrow00.4ds
Thor 810 Phaeton FWD - cordPh00.4ds
Thor 810 Sedan FWD - cordSe00.4ds
Thor 812 Cabriolet FWD - cordCa00.4ds
Trautenberg Model J - deuseJco00.4ds
Trautenberg Racer 4WD - deusenberg00.4ds
Ulver Airstream Fordor - airflFor00.4ds
Ulver Airstream Tudor - airflTud00.4ds
Wright Coupe - buiCou00.4ds
Wright Coupe Gangster - buigang00.4ds
Wright Fordor - buiFor00.4ds
Bolt Ambulance - Ambulance00.4ds
Bolt Firetruck - fire00.4ds
Bolt Hearse - hearseA00.4ds
Bolt Truck Flatbed - truckA00.4ds
Bolt Truck Covered - truckB00.4ds
Bolt Truck - truckBx00.4ds[/spoiler:1dmuv2rl]


[spoiler:1dmuv2rl]Black Dragon 4WD - blackdragon00.4ds
Black Metal 4WD - chevroletm6H00.4ds
Bob Mylan 4WD - hotrodp200.4ds
Bolt-Thrower - Thunderbird00.4ds
Crazy Horse - FThot00.4ds
Demoniac - hotrodp300.4ds
Flame Spear 4WD - hotrodp600.4ds
Flamer - Flamer00.4ds
Flower Power - Bolt Model A Delivery
Hillbilly 5.1 FWD - Tbirdold00.4ds
Hotrod - FordHOT00.4ds
Luciferon FWD - phantom00.4ds
Manta Taxi FWD - phantomtaxi00.4ds
Masseur - fordApick00.4ds
Masseur Taxi - fordApickTaxi00.4ds
Mutagen FWD - cord_sedanH00.4ds
Speedee 4WD - hotrodp400.4ds[/spoiler:1dmuv2rl]

Additional cars

[spoiler:1dmuv2rl]brouk00.4ds - VW Beetle
bigfoot00.4ds - Monster Truck coloured brown ( based on Bolt B ) - same as in Little Italy Park Mod 2
bigfoot.4ds - Monster Truck coloured blue
bull00.4ds - Bulldozer
xedos00.4ds - Mazda Xedos
bus00.4ds - Bus
panz.4ds - Tank (you cannot steer left and right; only straight driving)
9motorka.4ds - Motorcycle with box (very unstable)
toyota00.4ds - Model of Toyota
traktor.4ds - Tractor from suburban areas
truckbxx00.4ds - Truck from the docks with text "Atlantic Import" from mission "Just For Relaxation"
trucknajezd.4ds - Truck with a ramp for racing cars - in Free Extreme is placed in three locations marked on the map (in attachment)
truckmorph.4ds - Truck from mission 10 "Trip To The Country", in which we are trying to lose the gansgters
Salina.4ds - Tram (only in Carcyclopedia)[/spoiler:1dmuv2rl]

You need to extract folder 'Models' using Mafia Data Xtractor. I will write a tutorial on how to replace the cars at a later time.


If you want to know, how to replace cars in Mafia 1, you should read this ... in-mafia-1
awesome thanks much lost my document that i got from when this was lostheaven site.
No problem, pal 8) I found them on and (not existing site - it was credited on other site). I recommend myself for solving any future problems.
Thanks Cole, helped me Smile
Tried spawning some of them hidden vehicles like the Toyota, and from what it seems I think they either intended to use it for another game, used it as placeholders or debug objects, or perhaps Mafia was originally made to be set in the present day.
No dont think that they planned to do a present game cuz in year 1998 they started making mafia 1 textures etc. but theyve had the old engine from "hidden and dangerous" so they started making a new one and that tooked them 2 years.So mafia 1 as we know it now was made since 2000-2002.I think that toyota was some sort of a bonus or toyota sponsored them so theyve added it there.Btw have you tried spawning that motorbike?It doesnt work for me it dissapears in the game but it could be fun riding it :woohoo: .
What ? How could it disappear ? And one more thing - when you're driving it, watch out, 'cause it's very unstable.

Have you tried spawning tank and Monster Trucks ?
Doesn't sound like a promotional vehicle to me. If Illusion didn't initially plan on making Mafia a present-day game then it might have also been some asset from another game that was either in development or scrapped.
Samo" post=4137":2a26421u Wrote:nope,why?

Just asking Smile
Unfortunately some of the textures appear in the Maps folder that do not go
on in the game. There is a very nice looking red 4dr sedan, the Monster truck
and a VW bug that have textures, but do not appear in the game.
Cole Phelps" post=4136":x86ifc56 Wrote:What ? How could it disappear ? And one more thing - when you're driving it, watch out, 'cause it's very unstable.

Have you tried spawning tank and Monster Trucks ?
How do i get the hidden cars in Mafia?
Replace them for cars existing in the game, read second post in this thread.

Also, this tutorial will be helpful for you

Cole Phelps" post=6818":2d7fqh2c Wrote:Replace them for cars existing in the game, read second post in this thread.

Also, this tutorial will be helpful for you

Ah right thanks mate
It's my pleasure to help anyone here Tongue

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