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Mafia 2 - Installation of Free Ride v2.0 for JA
I'm gonna show you how to install Free Ride v2.0 for Joe's Adventures, because lots of players have troubles with installation. Let's go then!

English instruction

1. Download Free Ride 1.9 Joe here - scroll down until you find Free Ride 1.9 Joe

2. Important note: name of the folder you extracted from above file needs to be changed to cnt_joes_adventures_; otherwise files won't be overwritten

3. Now let's go to Free Ride v2.0 Wink It contains five *.exe files listed below:
-> Commun Files Setup
-> Joe Player Setup or Vito Player Setup
-> Skin Option Player Setup
-> Cathouse Original Files Setup
-> Original Files Setup


First three files (from multiupload files) are necessary for mod to work (but in the 2nd point choose one file: Joe or Vito - don't install both of them !)

If you want to play Cathouse mission, see point 4 ('Cathouse Original Files Setup')

If you forgot to do the backup, don't worry - see point 5 ('Original Files Setup')

One more thing

In \pc\dlcs\cnt_joes_adventures_\pc\dlcs\cnt_joes_adventures_ installer created folders named


And there's also file titled 'content'. You have to move these folders and file 'content' to \pc\dlcs\cnt_joes_adventures_ directory. And everything.

I'm also attaching the video here

Hope it's written clearly. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Enjoy it!
I've heard that these links are all down. But you still can find these files in our Download Section.
Hey Cole,Ive installed Mafia 2 after long time.Do you please have a link for FR M2?
Which features are you interested in ?

Free Ride v2.1 by Costa ... 1.rar.html

Free Ride Recollection by zahar999 ... I.rar.html

These two are the best atm. Choose which one you want.

Costa's FR is normal FR mod, with access to standard objects (no missions locations)

Zahar's FR is extended a bit. It includes mission's locations, e.g. Eric's Apt., Prison and more. But it's a bit boring for longer playing.

They're all for Mafia 2 basic version.

Here you can find more FRs

Enjoy Tongue
And how do you like these FR's, Samo ? :cheer:
Ive just played those 2.I like them both actually.There are some bugs in zahars free ride for example i fell under the ground when i tried to go to the jail but i love it.You can go to Erics friends house and more.I really enjoyed that you can edit the cop system like they wont go after you but they will chase the others.Thanks for those links cole and do you have some links for existenz freerides too?I would love to try them Smile .
#7 ... tures-v2-0

??? ??? ??????? ?? freeride m2-recollection
??? ??? ??? ? ??? ?? ??? ?????? ??? ??????? ? ??? ? ?? ??? ??? ??? ?? ??? ?? ... collection
Samo, here's a copy of these links for FR JA v2.0 Smile ... t=210#3669

And the missing files you can find here
Links updated in the first post Smile

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