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I have one question to you guys.I wanna start scripting my mod but i have a big problem that needs to be solved out :dry: .When i play and the person dies and than when i click start again it doesnt load up my mission but last played one.And when i didnt play any mission in some time it loads up my mission but everything is messed up,you know some textures are not visible and so on.Question is how can i make a saving script which loads up my mission when i die.Never done it so i dont know,any advices?
would you please before posting, look where your posting, there is a specify topic for help in mafia 1 thank-you
sorry crazypreacher i forgot to set the topic Big Grin :whistle:
Yeh darren you are right, you always know how to help Smile .the mission i used didnt have the start script so ive created one but it works.In the mission i am using,Ive deleted the mission scripts so i can have the location which was used in that mission in my mod and than ive coppied it into tutorial folder.And the autosaving works:
dim_act 1
dim_flt 1
findactor 0,"Tommy"

human_set8slot 0,1
autosavegame 5000

But one problem still remains,do you think its fixable?Those few textures like garage doors,gate are invisible.Maybe cause it was used in that mission the gate was kicked out and the garage doors were destroyed.Its mission "mise07b-chuligani" to be correct.So shall i delete them to not ruin the effect or its fixable somehow?And thanks againSmile
Darren,I first coppied the whole mission and than ive edited it,improved model and voice,added missing pedestrians(thanks to ruby),fixed some mistakes(thanks to you aswell) and the last thing i need to fix is this.So i think those first two arent the main problem,the things im talking about arent scripted those are just things you know.
Good idea is to delete them but somehow it cant be deleted by the simple way in editor,i even cant delete it in bscript,I delete the name of the file which represents it but its still there its like a part of mission you know or something like this.Ive acchieved to delete the physical nature of the gate so i can move threw it but its still visual.Those things are exactly 4 in the editor their names are-Box40,vrata02,pruchod,Object02.So like i said it cant be deleted by the ordinary way somehow Sad .Is there another way how to delete all of them with visual and physical parts?

[attachment=115:it8bna81]<!-- ia115 -->screen.jpg<!-- ia115 -->[/attachment:it8bna81]
wow Darren those 3 objects vrata02, pruchod, Object02 really work that hint is nice,thanks Big Grin I thought it cant be fixed.But box 40 cannot be,because ive found the main physical part of it in scene.4ds and i cant delete anything from that in bscript so probably it cant be fixed Sad .So i was looking for another way how to get out of the service station (thats the main problem,after you beat those hooligs,the game will load up outside the service station area).And the best and the simplest way i found is this.But theres a problem again.Now i can delete the visual part but not the physical cause the name isnt written there,All it says is that its just linked to line08.So that means that everything which is linked to it cannot be passed threw or something?But i cant change the parent to Primary sector so it wont be linked to it.The window appears "hierachy problem"specify parent cannot be set etc...Do you think thats a dead-end for me?No solution?Or it can be fixed somehow again?.And thanks you are a big help to me Wink .

[attachment=121:3kv9r2fp]<!-- ia121 -->screen03.JPG<!-- ia121 -->[/attachment:3kv9r2fp]
wow thanks!!! looks like this problem is solved for good Big Grin .Btw about the earlier meaning of this topic.I have one last question.Ive noticed one more thing.I make the autosave but when i turn off the comp and than run the mission again the script from the start folder i made in bscript dissapears and the autosaving no longer works so i must write the script there again to get it work.Do you have an idea how to get it not happening?And thanks again Smile ))
Hey Darren one little question.Ive been trying to make invisible more objects but somehow i couldnt make the script properly.One time it even deleted the GAMEINITEND Big Grin
Ive first added more findframe and flt number and than ive added the script youve just added and changed the numbers of findframe to the frame i want to make invisible but it didnt work like it should?What did i do wrong?
This is the wrong script i used-
dim_flt 6
dim_frm 2
findframe 0, "Pruchod"
findframe 1, "Object02"

frm_getpos 0, 0,
let flt[1] = flt[1] - 100
frm_setpos 0, 0,

frm_getpos 1, 1,
let flt[1] = flt[1] - 100
frm_setpos 1, 1,
Yo Darren,thanks for your time
I see,looks like its not that easy to do something in gameinitend and not mess up something concurrently.
Hmm when i put the commands up the other commands which are in gameinitend too,the script works but it disables the others.And when i put it under it the hint doesnt work.So is there a command which separates those?Labels are not suitable in this case or yes?Here are the other commands for map,police and so on which are in gameinitend too.
(weather_preparebuffer 3900
policemanager_on 980000, 0
policemanager_add "Tommy"
police_speed_factor 0.53
enablemap 1)
Also how should the script look like to dissapear more objects.If frm_seton is to hide it.Should i add some commands to settle the other objects too?You know so the script will know that there are others to hide too.
Im sorry,You mean the script showup or something else?Didnt get ya right Big Grin
Oh yes,Theres a script for it in gameinitend "enablemap 1".But after i add new scripts (in this case your hint for the dissapearing)it stops working along with the cops.Maybe ive copied it in a wrong order and it disables it.Anyway heres the order of the script:

dim_flt 3
dim_frm 1
findframe 0, "Vrata02"

frm_getpos 0, 0
let flt[1] = flt[1] - 100
frm_setpos 0, 0

weather_preparebuffer 3900
policemanager_on 980000, 0
policemanager_add "Tommy"
police_speed_factor 0.53
enablemap 1
Hang on,Ive found an alternative way how to solve this thanks to your advice earlier in this topic.This one is even better i think Big Grin Thanks for your experience dude.

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