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How to Lock Cars
I was wondering if anyone knew how to lock the cars you get out of. I think I may have posted how to do this on the old MafiaScene but I haven't played Mafia in so long I've forgotten, there is a trick on how to do it I just cant remember how.

Can anyone help me with this?

Thanks in advance!
About locking cars I haven't heard at all, but I know how to unlock them all.

Here are the codes

boxer - Enlarged Hands
jizda - Folds roof down on compatible cars
deadguns - Guns and ammo
municak - Infinite Ammo
krefjezivot - Refill Health
parnik - Spawn boat under nearest bridge (Titanic mode)
cumdal - Maximum draw distance
cornufse - Unlock all cars

See the last code...
Thanks Cole, I'll try those out tomorrow. Big Grin

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