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Capo Mod 2.1 Ascendancy
The Story:
Taking off on Capo Mod V1, You were forgiven by Saliery because he needed your muscle and connections to help reassert his power over Lost Heaven. Now that you have achieved the dominance for him, you feel he is growing distance and you find yourself wondering, how long will his forgiveness last once he no longer needs you?

Capo Mod V2 Is built onto Capo Mod V1 with very few changes to the original. There is just more places to go, more things to do, a few more people to interact with.

New Locations In Capo Mod V2

Barn (Night Countryside)
Racetrack Night
Villa Night
Airport (Night Countryside)
Corelone Hotel- (Saliery Social Club)
Lost Heaven Queen
Sewer Meeting Place -Important to the story, you should find it first

Along With the Capo Mod V1 Locations

Saliery’s (Now Angelo’s) Bar
Home (Paulie’s old place)
Ale Warehouse
Pepe’s / Office
Motel (Countryside Day)
Yellow Pete’s (Hidehout)

New Activities

Along with all the activities in Capo Mod 1 (see below) There is also:

Gang members actively hunting Tommy
Ten contract hits, in the city and countryside, both day and night
(See Tony at your bar for more info)
Side Missions At:
The Dock
The Bank
The Airport
The Barn
The Hotel (just for fun?)

As Capo Tom has the following duties (From Capo Mod V1)

Collect the protection fees for each area in town (A man is located at each Elevated train Station)

Collect Racket Fees For
Transportation and Cigars (In the Central Island Garage)
Smuggling (In the Port)
Front Fee’s (in Pepe’s Restaurant)
Numbers (In Office Connected to Pepe’s and Freeride)
Loan Fees (In the Bank (and a little sugar in the vault))
Bootleg Fees (In The Ale Warehouse)
Bootleg Fees (In The Barn) (new)
The East Side Racket Fees (In Clarks Motel which is your east side compound.)
All of these Collection points are pretty mild, there are no fights here, (except for the port mission. If you enter the port mission with a gun drawn things will go badly.) Look for the Valise(s) in each location to collect the money
Entrances to all these places are at the normal front door locations. There are two new entrance locations. The office can be entered by the stairway door across from the New Ark Warp Booth The office can also be entered by the double doors by the bar in Pepe’s. The ale warehouse is in the building opposite the driveway from the works quarters warp booth.

Keep the peace and knock down uprising gangs

The Commission is unhappy with Saliery and they are willing to grant you ascendance to head of the Lost Heaven Family. As you fear that Saliery will soon be looking to do you in, if not already trying to do so quietly, you agree with the commission. The commission however requires proof of your abilities, so they want you to collect 10 million dollars before they will bless your ascendance and the sanction of Don Saliery


Warp Points
There is a warp point in each section of the city. The warp points are in selected phone booths except for Hoboken which is in the hideout (check out the back blue door) and in Saliery’s Garage, the double doors in the back.
From any warp point in the city it will take you to Central Island. From Central Island warp point you can choose to go to any other warp pint

There are five gangs that keep gathering in the east side of Lost Heaven (Morello’s old turf) it is your job as capo to knock these down. Every time you load a side mission and return to Freeride they will be regenerated.
The street walking gang members are still around….but what kind of control would Saliery have if they drove around town with impunity. The gangsters in cars are gone (well mostly, you might still find a few brave mugs driving around)

Body Guards
There are five body guards at Saliery’s place who will follow you, when you click on them and will fight and protect you. They also regenerate on loads, and when you enter a side mission they leave you and return to Saliery’s


Weapons are free both at your hideout and at Saliery’s save your money for that Ten Million. The Tommy Gun (which you start with) is now one handed and very powerful….it also does not trigger the cops unless you fire it. You can walk around with it drawn.

The Objective (f1) Key

Building off a previous mod…turbo mod by askay, the f1 key now heals you to 300 points, automatically saves your game and if you are in a car it will repair it automatically. Also the repair feature includes an instant stop which can act as an emergency break…..can you say light house (watchout for the gang there.)


Use data xtractor to extract all your files (if you have not done so.

Delete the following files from your missions folder (or copy then delete)





Copy all the mission folders from the download to your missions file

Copy all the maps from the download to your maps file

Copy all the sounds from the download to the sounds file

Copy all the tables from the download to all the tables file

The maps are included for reference only and do not get put in the game.

Notice for slower computer users. Copy the scene2.bin file from the mission file freeridenoudd to your Freeride folder if you have problems with the UDD feature slowing down your game.

You should be good to go.

Another lost mod, I will find it
Both Capo Mod versions 1 and 2 seem to be interesting. And who knows, maybe I'll check them out someday Smile
Looks interesting, I have just started it Wink It seems to be packed up with missions, but I don't really like to go to the mission point and back to the Salieri's Bar every time I finish it Tongue Very well thing is that fast-shooting Tommy Gun, you can trash every car with this Wink
Broken Links repaired/removed
Is there a download link anywere?

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