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Capoletti 2 Family Legacy Mod - In Progress


In the bay is this Island.....where Capone is currently residing


[Image: acl1.jpg]


[Image: acl3.jpg]


[Image: alcnew.jpg]

A small town in Alabama plays a role in the mod.


[Image: al1.jpg]


[Image: al2.jpg]


[Image: al3.jpg]




San Cipirella  Sicily  and other places


Sicily is a place for another 10 missions, Favors to Don Cicci



The Capoletti Family is from San Cipirello and have an Olive Orchard and Oil Press




[Image: scsc2.jpg]


Don Cicci's Estate


[Image: sic3.jpg]


The Shoreline


[Image: ss4.jpg]



[Image: ss5.jpg]





A lot of walking, where no one has walked before.... Sicily is actually a flash back (Yes ALA GF2...never made any doubts that Capoletti was an Homage to the GF series) to Don Thomas Capoletti

Last Update...for now.


The Copa Cabana Club....something smaller more intimate for Nico's personal HQ




Mission Preview



Wow totally digging the mission preview! Awesome work!

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