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Capoletti 2 Family Legacy Mod - In Progress
I'm calling for help detective Jack Kelso Wink
These turbines will be working or static ?
very nice signature Matteo :o hmy:
Cole Phelps" post=4533":1w0jfi89 Wrote:These turbines will be working or static ?

Static, but they will be humming and I am going to try for a intermitant light effect that will enhance the effect

however you will may be too busy ducking and dodging bullets to care Wink

Eh CrazyPreacher....I like yours better
Okay here are some finished pics of the Dam Interior won't see anymore on this, except for a preview video of the whole Dam(n) Don Picolli Mission
I see that this mod gets better Smile Good work, Matteo. I like this one more and more Tongue
Wonderful work, Matteo! This mod is gonna be amazing! :woohoo:
The mod is really nice, well done mate, loveley work, and really new, i've never seen this sort of mod before in a dam, so it is very cool. Smile
Matteo I have an idea regarding the elimination missions. I know it's all about dodging bullets with a lot of rival gangsters on your way and then finishing the rival Don, however wouldn't it be more fun to make other families more realistic? There's a hierarchy screenshot of the Capoletti crime Family, however all other NYC Families are just Don's and their soldiers. I think it would be interesting if you could elliminate other key members of the families before killing a Don so as to make a family more disorganized/weaker. For example there could be several Capos and/or Consigliere in other families and if you eliminate one of the Capos then one of the rival families business also becomes inactive for a while and the family could have less income/more arrests from the cops etc. If you assasinate one of the rival familie's Consigliere then next time you visit a DOn there could be way less bodyguards than in avarage missions. With a Consigliere's advices Don's could predict Nico's incoming and put a lot of soldiers in your way, but without him his defense could be way less effective and it would be easier to kill them.
I know you had loads and loads missions going on for a while. Such as a mission where you can easily kill one of the rival families member in his mansion while he's washing his car or something (is that still in, btw?) so there could as well be other members in other families, not just the Don's.

Also, you portrayed the Capoletti not only as a crime family, but also as a family in general. You could add some bloodines to other sicilian families and there could be a mission where they kidnap Bonnie Capoletti and later Nico and his men has to kidnap one of the Don Piccoli's (for instance) daughter so as to get ransom etc.

Plus in the your night video there's a moment of them shooting in the Don Tommy (not sure if he recovers or meets maker though). You can also make a mission after which Nico is sent to Sicily under other Don's protection for a while and while the Don is in the hospiral (or dead?) one of the Capo's becomes the head of the family and later is killed because of the conspiracy of Piccoli (the most powerful Don out of all I quess)(like Santino) and then Nico comes back and takes over the family.

That would make missions more creative than simply dodging bullets etc. Just an idea, tell me what you think.
That's a lot of work BK

and all of that is in my mind to do......but by the time I do all that do you think Mafia 1 will run on the computer interfaces we have installed in our brains?

I am currently working 6 days a week and most days when I sit down at my computer to play with the mod, I get very little done. As it stands....I won't have anything worthy of release for months. But even after I do....I will keep working on the family and providing depth. But there is only so much that I and the game can do.... especially with my limited time.

But I feel ya bro, and that would be my perfect final end result

Picolli is a punk. The first to die. Maranella is the real power, backed by New York....I already have planned a Sicilian section and a New York Section.
Yea man I realize that's a lot of work. I was just suggesting a path you could take. I really liked the first Capoletti Mod. Might you quess why? It was not really anything special. A lot of map bugs, few NPC's speeches, few routine missions and that's it. But I really liked it. I still play it from time to time actually. Because unlike most games/other mods this one provided unique...I would also add "old school" experience where games take a little bit of imagination. Remember old school RP games like Ultima series and other sandbox (or rather "complete-it-as-you-can") games of 80s? There had little to no graphics, little speech, primitive sounds, but some of them made you think you're actually interacting with a quite realistic world. It's like reading a book. Same with Matteo's Capoletti mod. It has little to show (compared to a really nice mods like LA Cosa Nostra or The Commission Mod etc.) but it has a very unique atmosphere and makes you feel (well, at least me) like you're watching a short, but very good movie about a crime family. When I play Nico it seems like I am a high ranked member of the underworld society rather than just a soldier like Thommy Angelo (even though all what I do is all about dodging bullets, but oh well at least I have some bodyguards hehe). Capoletti 2 (if you happen to finish everything you want in which I wish you a good luck Matteo) should be just a masterpiece in the field of Mafia I mods.

Highly organized crime family does not end with only killing a Don..there are always members to control its business and this is the difference between the Family and just a random gang, which could be elliminated easily (that's what the Godfather was doing during The Pacificationn of NYC).

PSS So is Maranella behind the drugs in Lost Heaven and Picolli just his puppet then? Smile
Okay Onto the next thing, this is not a mission, just something I wanted to do. I wanted to make the Capoletti a Nice Night Club/ Social Club I wanted to evoke the Musical "Chicago" feel of the night club

So The Chicago Club - The Bare Bones Beginning

This is the basic layout of the ground floor

The first floor is dominated by the stage and orchestra pit (and of course bars and tables and all sorts of things)
Looks brill so far Matteo, if you need any model help, please ask. Wink
Looks great Matteo. Just be cautious about the whorehouse (in case you want to add this "feature" to your club). Remember, Godfather had moral values and he was against prostitution. Just saying Smile Well done.
Ohh btw Matteo. You shoudl definately add some secret apartaments to Capoletti Italian Quarter for your war needs. Just like in Godfather the family was "going to the mattresses" during the war so that soldiers and other members could have secret bases. You can also add some mission storyline to this (like somebody snitching the apartaments to other family members etc.). Just an idea.
BK" post=4822":178aj7x8 Wrote:Looks great Matteo. Just be cautious about the whorehouse (in case you want to add this "feature" to your club). Remember, Godfather had moral values and he was against prostitution. Just saying Smile Well done.

Was He?

Don Corleone: When – when did I ever refuse an accommodation? All of you know me here. When did I ever refuse, except one time? And why? Because I believe this drug business is gonna destroy us in the years to come. I mean, it's not like gambling or liquor, even women, which is something that most people want nowadays and it's forbidden to them – by the pezzonovantes in the church. Even the police departments have helped us in the past with gambling and other things. They're gonna refuse to help us when it comes to narcotics. And I believed that then, and I believe that now.

But thanks for the encouragement BK
Here's a quote from the novel:

"Don Corleone smiled. “How do I know until I hear the percentages and other details? Besides I have to have time to think over the advice given here tonight. After all, I’m not a man who does things rashly.â€
Ah but which has ascendancy...the movies or the novel? Wink
Movie s like 0.5 % of the novel. Of course novel! Plus film does not say Corleone ran whorehouses. But wow...of course novel is much better Smile

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