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Modding Tips and Techniques
Use what you have at hand

When I needed a ballroom for my committee meeting, (as a cover) I wanted a big fancy place just like the Art Gallery, but there is no wide expanse of flooring in the art I made one, using the textures in the game

Repaired I will add more
Nice photo's, and nice mod work, ty Matteo.
Nice usage of the hole Smile
Cole Phelps" post=4016":25qcc2nn Wrote:Nice usage of the hole Smile

:lol: I usually think up interesting things to do with holes :whistle:
If you are looking for a handy mission to use to build your own city and make a story, then I got one for you

In my New Capoletti 1922 Mod

I copied and renamed mise02-ulicka (the mission where the guys beat you up in the taxi) to Tutorial

And now the new mod loads in the Tutorial

[Image: ulick1.jpg]

[Image: ulick2.jpg]

It takes a bit of work to strip the old town and you have to put in some clipping but it gives you:

A limited but complete space to work in, which unless you like placing thousands of a good thing
A fair stable traffic and pedestrian flow
Three exists that you can match to the country side
Possibilities for a water front

Its work intensive, but so far the limitations are not bad
Cool thanks!!!

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