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Mafia: TCoLH - Tenth anniversary special.
Ok. So as you may or may not be aware. Work on The Commission Mod part 2 has been put on hold for the past month or so while I indulge in this. (I know its months away but considering I can only mod every so often I wanted to give myself plenty of time so that this is Ready for August 28th 2012).

Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you what will be, not a mod. But a video instead. Celebrating Mafia's 10th birthday.

I've been working on this on the quiet. But now that I've gotten quite a bit of progress under way (its almost done. I've just got to script it and record it). I figured I can share some bits and bobs with you all without ruining the video that you'll all see on August 28th.

This post has been made just to set the ball rolling and to make you all aware. As I have work in about half an hour or so I will post a couple of screens for you all when I get home.


As I said this morning. I present you all with some sneak peak screens.

People arriving at the Lost Heaven Theatre. Where a special orchestral performance is ready to begin.

[Image: Game2012-02-1422-30-07-49.jpg]

[Image: Game2012-02-1422-30-15-67.jpg]

People line up, awaiting to be admitted to the show.

[Image: Game2012-02-1422-34-57-87.jpg]

Its gonna be a good night. The crowd are ready and waiting.

[Image: Game2012-02-1422-35-55-95.jpg]

Some of the images you see now do have some tweaks that need to be made. But you get the general idea here Smile

More on this soon.


Bravo! The lighting's really nice in the third screen, and the animations are brilliantly done, it genuinely looks like what real people would do in a queue.

Please tell me they'll be playing the theme music, it's the only rightful song for this anniversary!

Happy 10th Birthday Mafia!
Excellent work my man....I can't wait to see the show
"Asa" post=4073\n[quote]Please tell me they'll be playing the theme music, it's the only rightful song for this anniversary![quote]

But of course Wink

There are two songs lined up. And two seperate events.

The first, will be an orchestral performance at the theatre of the Mafia theme music.

The second will be a party on the little island by the park off New Ark (where you kill Mr. Sewer) and every character will be there (from the priest, to Bobby. And Biff to the green alien in Freeride extreame). With a gig of "You run your mouth and I'll run my business" as covered by the Salieri band Smile


Excellent job, Ruby. The theatre looks very well. Its light, interior and details are well made. So, happy birthday, Mafia 1 B)
It is very beautiful.The athmosphere is GREAT! Your ideas are briliant and variant.
I wish you the best for this movie.I hope you'll post some more screens as you can, because they're great.
Good modding and keep up! Smile
This project is dead. I am opting to do something else instead. Turns out my video making/directing skills are not as good as I thought. I will still be celebrating Mafia's 10th anniversary on August 28th by showing you all a contribution of mine for it, but it will be something a little less demanding than the likes of this.

Sorry to get everyones hopes up.


No worries Ruby, no pressure at all, I look forward to seeing your next project.

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