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Mafia 1 - interesting findings

I've seen that nobody created such thread, so I did it Smile Here I will post some interesting findings, which I've encountered during playing Mafia 1.

I will post only the chosen ones (the most thrilling 8) ).

Chapter 4 - 'Ordinary Routine'

1. Near Central Hoboken underground station, we see an empty square and above we can see a light turned on.

Chapter 7 - 'Better Get Used To That'

1. When we will talk to Luigi, he will thank Tommy for saving Sarah.

2. When we are using Mafia Con, we can bind a key for flying around the city. We get our car and go to West Marshall Bridge (leading from Little Italy to Central Island; and it's closed at this moment). We stop here, get out of our ride and fly to the other site of the bridge. In this way, we'll be able to see three cars parked on the other site of the bridge (one of these is a yellow Lassiter).

Chapter 8/9 'Whore/Priest'

1. When we walk around the building nearby the Corleone Hotel, the police won't shoot at us.

2. In Corleone Hotel, in one of the rooms we can find a knife (and thanks to him, we can do our mission

Video from YT

3. When we stab a guy at the reception desk, the guards won't shoot at us (like in video above)

4. While doing mission in the church in Down Town, we can extinguish the candles using our gun (just shoot at it Tongue)

Chapter 11 - 'Omerta'

1. When we press action button near our boss, he will tell us that he's missing Frank.

2. When we press action button near a bartender, he will tell us that this action with Frank has Don already shaken.

3. I've encountered sth interesting in the country. While I was chasing the feds escorting Frank to the airport, the driver got stuck between the column and some bushes. So I had to kill the driver, steal their car and drive Frank to the airport! But we can't open it so early in the game! Can you believe it ?

Chapter 12 - 'Visiting Rich People'

1. We can extinguish the lights in the mansion with our gun (just like in a church, simply shoot at it).

2. After Salvatore opens the inlet gate, we approach it and when the loading screen appears, we click right button on our mouse - in this way, the car we reach the mansion will be spawned in the garden with Tommy and Salvatore inside that car (works for every car).

Chapter 13

1. When the cutscene at the parking lot is played, try to write 'cumdal' (without quotes) on your keyboard. In this way, another Tommy will appear near the entrance.

Chapter 15 - 'You Lucky Bastard'

1. When we press action button near Salieri, he will tell us that Sergio is a moron.

2. When we press action button near Luigi, he will be curious how is Tommy's relationship with Sarah.

Chapter 16 - 'Creme De La Creme'

1. When we press action button near Salieri, he will tell us to send a message to Morello before killing him (he will order us to say few words to him).

2. There are three ways to finish this mission:
-> Standard - airport, when we shot him down
-> Very rare - Morello crashes in his car, we get out of our transport and kill him using 'Lupara'
-> The most effective - we follow Morello till he reaches the brigde, which is not finished and he falls from above with his bodyguards in their car. At the end, that car... (see yourself B))

Chapter 17 - 'Election Campaign'

1. When we press action button near Salieri, he will tell us that he hates politicians.

2. When leaving the prison (after destroying a padlock at the gate and before opening that gate), we get rid of our guns and FBI checks us out and then we are on our way. It's because that guy seen at the sewer entry sold us out to the feds - ofc. we can kill him, but the feds will check us out anyway. When we try to escape from the feds, they are shooting at us. We also can see a hearse parked nearby.

Free Ride

1. We shoot the wheels off in the car, where there's a driver inside and we steal it. Then we get into that car and the new wheels will appear (the old ones will be visible on the road).

2. In Morello Lounge Bar, when in Chapter 3 was a gate at back of the parking lot, there's a transparent wall - and we can go through it (in this way, we can infiltrate Morello's parking lot without any mods).

Free Ride Extreme

1. Do you remember that mission when we're following a guy and carrying a crate ? Well, when we are finishing it, it says us to put this crate on the ground. When done properly, we do this thing - we kill this guy and when we are starting a car that we were awarded with, it explodes.

Rest of the findings (I don't remember the mission where they occur)

1. We can turn on Salieri's gramophone using right mouse button (It's in some mission, not FR or FREx).
This I've found a little while ago...

Chapter 20 - 'The Death Of Art'

1. In extra task from Lucas, we are to deliver a pack for his friend Big Dick. After handing over, some gangsters show up. Together with Dick we trash them and after short talking between Dick and Tommy Dick runs away, screaming: 'Christ, Murder', but he helped us to kill these guys. Strange, isn't it ?

2. After a cutscene at Paulie's Apt., we approach the door, but we don't leave immediately. We go to the left and we can see a picture on the wall (near the exit). We shoot at it and it changes its dimensions; also, a symbol of a gun appears (cops, who came after Paulie, are shooting).

Free Ride

1. Having 'Kanala's Bomb Mod' installed, I opened my kit and I was browsing my weapons. In 'Additional Things' section, I saw 'Empty hands' available to choose, but after doing this nothing happened.

2. Having 'City Bars Mod' installed, I went to Diamond Eagle Bar (the same bar, which was in mission, when we were to steal Celeste Marque 500 - located in New Ark, near Pepe's Restaurant), entered it and on the wall there was a photo of Silver Fletcher.

3. Now it's time for an engine trick. Start FR (works also in campaign and FREx), take Falconer Gangster (it could be any Falconer model; you also can take Thor 812) and get out of it. Now, get in your car and press 'Gas' key (default - Up arrow) once and get out. In this way, we can leave our car with working engine.

Rest findings

1. On YT I noticed a few vids, where some guy beats Salieri, Tommy or other people (this guy, who noticed this, claims that he's Tommy twin brother). Here's a proof...

That's the strangest thing I've ever seen in Mafia 1...
All fun stuff!

All the times I have played that game through (and it's been A LOT) in Chapter 16 Creme De La Creme I have only had the bridge option happen once, I even looked through the code to try and see a trigger (a while back) and didn't see anything.

I would love to chase Him off the bridge!
Endings are random, Matteo B) Ending with the bridge will occur if you will be close to Morello's car - if you are far from, he will drive to the airport.


Here's a vid from my channel - here's my channel (you can look at Mafia 1 & 2 Playlist, if you want 8))
Hmmm I've been on his tail, behind and in front of him....I'll have to try again...nice posts though
If you know sth interesting, you can post it in here, if you want Smile BTW, I'm planning to make similar thread for Mafia 2.
Matteo, here's that rare ending.

And here that on the bridge

BTW, have you seen Asa's videos called 'Top Secret' ?
Cole,those vids about Tommys brother are nothing unordinary...Some guy just edited it.In other words FAKE.
Lol, what was that about with the guy just watching you putting a bomb under the desk, I don't remember that lol
Samo Wrote:Cole,those vids about Tommys brother are nothing unordinary...Some guy just edited it.In other words FAKE.

Anyway, it's still a secret how it's done.

johncena1 Wrote:Lol, what was that about with the guy just watching you putting a bomb under the desk, I don't remember that lol

What do you mean ?
I got it, Matteo Smile You have to ride at the left side of the road, close to Morello's car in order not to let him to reach the airport.
In the video when you were putting the bomb under the desk, the guy was just watching you do it
I haven't recorded it, just founded it ;D


I discovered another trick in Mafia 1 Smile

Just watch
You can check same thread for Mafia 2, if you want Smile

Enjoy Tongue
Oh, that's interesting Smile How can I hide his body ?
Cole Phelps Wrote:I got it, Matteo Smile You have to ride at the left side of the road, close to Morello's car in order not to let him to reach the airport.

Great I'll give it a try
Will check, Darren Smile
I have added one detail to Chapter 7 - 'Better Get Used To That' Smile
First one

I wonder if anyone has seen a man with dog's head Tongue Tongue

It's very rare to see him, but I was the one who has seen it (while playing Little Italy Park Mod 2) Big Grin

Here are the photos, taken by me.

[Image: 290b37177263325.jpg]

[Image: b98e0c177263331.jpg]

[Image: 355caf177263338.jpg]

[Image: d3361e177263348.jpg]

[Image: 64ec0e177263354.jpg]

[Image: 17b218177263361.jpg]

[Image: 8e5814177263370.jpg]

[Image: 60ec38177263378.jpg]

[Image: 3a2458177263394.jpg]

[Image: c39db9177263321.jpg]

And one additional photo - for fun.

[Image: b76233177263410.jpg]

Has anyone seen any car trashed so hard ? ;D

Second one

Has anyone tried this ? Well, when we go to East Marshall Bridge (leading from Central Island to Downtown) and shoot that window, the screen will go black and a Czech-speaking guy can be heard (but it's very quiet, so turn up a little)

That window is above West Marshall Bridge

It seems to be Dan Vavra who says:

1.In Czech

No název je to docela dobrej no, ona je to dost sraeka, ale na tom nezálezí, protoze reklama se udilá tak jako tak a lidi si to stejni koupij.

2. In English

Name is quite good, it is quite shit, but it´s not important,? because advertising will be done and people will buy it though.

Third one

In mission 14 - on a ship, when we have to kill politician, before doing our job we can go to the bar and have a drink. We take three drinks and then Tommy says: "That's not a time for that". When we will start walking, we will see that the game has gone mad...
1. Hotel Corleone is a reference to "Godfather" series.

2. Names of the cars used in FREx are the reference to some music styles, e.g. Bob Mylan is a reference to Bob Dylan and Flower Power is made in a hippy style.

3. Guy, who sold us a booze in 13. mission, was called William 'Bill' Gates.

4. In FREx, we can enter a secret cave in Hoboken. Firstly, you have to go to the shop and press an action button (default - right mouse button) and then go to the place indicated.

5. In mission 12. Don Salieri tells us that Sam and Paulie are trying to scare the witnesses testifying against Salieri. But when we go to Salieri's room, we will see Sam sitting here.

6. In mission 4., we can use a toilet on the ground floor.

7. Im mission 5., when we deliver car to Lucas, we see a desperated man who's attempting to jump from the Giuliano Bridge.

8. While we are chasing thugs in mission 7., we can see an car crush near the tunnel in Little Italy.

9. While standing on an abandoned tower in a prison in mission 17., on the river we can see a guy who's attempting to repair his boat. When we kill him, guards on an island will hear it and they will evacuate Mr Sever to a safe place.

10. In mission 7., we also can have two different endings. Unfortunately, I don't know how to make the second one happened - thugs are crashing on the parking lot near a road leading to Chinatown (it's leading high and it's very tight). Can't miss that road.

11. In mission 4., we can set the guy at the bar on fire! It's enough to shoot the lamp and then a bottle of booze or reversely - first shoot the lamp and the bottle then.

12. When we don't want chase the thief from mission 4., we can shoot his wheels off.

13. Same mission - when we want to do our mission quickly, we can shoot the window (second window from the right side at the front - we have to shoot the top of that window).

14. When we have very damaged car, we don't have to repair it at Lucas Bertone's station. We just need to go to the countryside and after loading we will see our car repaired. Then we can return to the city or stay in the countryside.

15. And now you will see simple trick - how to get Bolt Thrower without unlocking it in FREx ? Works in FR.


16. Now I will show you how to unlock all FR modes and all prototypes without doing any mission. Works in FR.

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