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Mafia 2 - interesting stuff
Here we can post anything, which paid our attention during playing Mafia 2 Smile

Chapter 1 - 'Old Country'

1. In this chapter, Vito is immortal - it can be checked easily; just stay at the firing line of MG42 - yes, the screen will go grey, you'll fall but you'll be still alive.

2. However, you can die in hard difficulty mode - discovered by Cipész Misi

Chapter 2 - 'Home, Sweet Home'

1. When Joe picks Vito up at the train station, in the moment they're running away, if you look closely, you will see a dog running in the street.

2. When Joe and Vito are drinking in the bar, we see a girl near the bar looking at Vito. It's Gina, who's working as a prostitute in 'Garden of Eden' Cathouse in Oyster Bay. She's also featuring in chapter 5 (some guy hit her car), 13 (she's in the bath) and in Joe's Adventures (mission 'Witness - Frozen Memories').

3. If you look closely, near OPA building you'll see five military trucks riding somewhere (when Joe says that he doesn't like reading 8) ).

4. At Vito's mother Apt. on the first floor we see a cat jumping from the window.

5. After a fight, we are going over Joe's, crossing the street and we see a pair, which has an argument. When her husband goes away, Vito suggests repairing her car (in Mafia 2 demo we can gain an achievement this way). After that, woman pays Vito off tenderly.

6. Having the police deleted, we steal Jefferson and... no red dot appears on the map. We don't have to restart mission - it's needed to go to any service station to change plates and then we can go over Mike's.

7. During our travel to Mike, Joe tells us funny things about flirting with girls 8) 8)

8. When Joe takes us to the bar, in the sky we can see some aircrafts flying - finding & screen by Mohamed

[Image: 2dj3ofq.png]

9. Walter Coupe has second tuning level - discovered by Shot

Chapter 3 - 'Enemy Of The State'

1. When we arrive to the docks, we must park our car somewhere. Wherever you park it, after cutscene with Steve (when Vito says that this job is not for him), you can see it parked near the doors where Steve is standing.

2. When Derek asks Vito about his father and hears, that he's dead, he pretends he doesn't know anything about the reason of his death.

3. Before doing mission in OPA (in an alley leading to the entrance) we see a hobo sitting on the ground and drinking booze. When we stay near him for a while, he will ask us to give him some money. Then, the following action is available after pressing 'E' key - it's 'Give hobo a dollar'. After that, Vito says 'Don't spend everything on booze' or sth like that.

4. After infiltrating OPA, it's needed to turn the alarm off.

How to do ? See this:

5. We can kill the guards stealthily using our hands - we can attack them from the back.

6. After finishing our mission, we can see a police car arriving from the street leading to the Empire Bay General Hospital.

7. Inside OPA, we hear two guards talking about the television - discovered by Scaletta93

Chapter 4 - 'Murphy's Law'

1. When there's a cutscene at the jewellery store, when Joe and Vito are escaping, we hear police sirens - and one of them seems to belong to Smith 200 Custom Police Special (but he's available only in summer) - but it's not heard very well, so you'll have to keep your ears opened.

2. When we are on the roof, we get rid of some cops and when we approach to the edge of that roof, we would see a cop standing near the entrance and makin' some weird moves.

Here is a video

3. After robbing a store, in the radio we can hear an announcement about robbery in a jewellery store in Midtown.

4. We can see a dog and 2 homeless guys through the window - finding & screen by Mohamed

[Image: 2nibdjs.png]

5. Shot discovered something about police cars - Read more

Chapter 5 - 'Buzzsaw'

1. At the beginning of this chapter, we save Joe's girl, whose car was hit by other car. When we beat our opponent, she leaves in her car. When we will follow her, she will be driving in circles.

2. After using MG-42, we can take a sandwich from nearby table.

3. Returning from El Greco, we can hear an announcement about shooting in a distillery at Misery Lane 233.

4. After taking MG-42 from Harry and robbing a gun store, no cops show up - discovered by hahalala

Chapter 6 - 'Time Well Spent'

1. When we are looking for Leo, we see crouching guy, who says: "All your base... all your base belongs to us". It's a quote from game called "Zero Wing".

2. When we approach a sentry from the front, he will hit us with his baton.

Chapter 7 - 'In Loving Memory Of Francesco Potenza'

1. At the beginning, we see a cutscene and Vito saying: "Galante wasn't lying". In that moment we can see police bus driving nearby.

2. Near Joe's Apt. and the phone booth we can find a gun lying on the sidewalk.

3. We can have a conversations with Steve, Giuseppe, Mike and Eric (to talk to Eric, we need to go Frankie's Apt. - after that, we can't enter it anymore).

4. When Vito, Eddie and Joe are coming back from the observatory's neighbourhood, in the radio we can hear a song "Return To Me" by Dean Martin - and then Vito says "poor Dino" (Dino was Dean Martin's nick, but I don't know if that reference was intentional).

5. When Eddie asks Vito to stop because of puking, after getting out of the car he says: "I don't remember eating calamari" - discovered by Cipész Misi

6. Using 'No Clip' cheat, you can see Vito's mother in her kitchen - discovered by Homunkulus69

Chapter 8 - 'The Wild Ones'

1. When we are selling smokes in Riverside, we see a cop who wants buy one, too (he seems to be Joe's friend).

2. When we are chasing the Greasers, it's possible to catch and trash them (but I'm not sure if there are not needed some hacks; anyway, see it)

3. After trashing Crazy Horse bar, we drive with Steve's company together to the foundry. But suddenly, their car runs away faster than ours and disappears. We see it again at the foundry.

4. At the end of an alley (where we see some burned Hot Rods), we can take M1-Garand and some food and drink).

Chapter 9 - 'Balls And Beans'

1. Before Vito is about to track Luca, his auto must be parked near Freddy's Bar. Wherever we will park his car, during cutscene we will see it parked along upper road anyway.

2. This I've seen myself - while Luca was escaping, he broke his engine and mission was failed 'cause he didn't reach his target.

3. At the slaughterhouse, we can ask a guy repairing his car, how to enter the slaughterhouse.

4. When we will sink our car in a dirty water completely, Vito will say: "Sorry, I forgot my pants".

5. When we kill some of Clemente's guys with our gun or using our hand (from the back) - mission will be failed. But when we will fight using our hands, nothing will happen.

6. After finishing mission, Vito's suit is stinking horribly. We have two ways - dress up or not. When we won't dress up, Eddie will say that Vito could dress yourself up before visiting Maltese Falcon Bar. We will be ordered to go to one of the cloth shops, then.

Chapter 10 - 'Room Service'

1. When we will supercharge & repaint our car before doing the mission and when we reach the cutscene when Joe kills Clemente, at this cutscene we will see that our car has been downgraded (custom tuning, custom painting).

2. When we are returning to our villa in Greenfield, we can hear the news about the shooting in Empire Arms Hotel in the radio.

3. When Vito is ordered by Leon to arrive to Lone Star to pick Joe up (when Joe kills Leon accidentally), after dragging his dead body to his car's trunk, we could encounter a situation when the cops would arrest us (even if our car is not wanted). Maybe they were programmed to know about that body ?

And one more interestic thing - "Leon" and "Lone" are anagrams (words, which were formed by moving the letters). Leon is the bartender's name and Lone Star is the bar's name.

4. There's no 13th floor in the hotel - discovered by Taylor - Read more

Chapter 11 - 'A Friend Of Ours'

1. When Henry visits Vito in his villa, after short talking, we can get in his car and leave. After a little while, he will spawn at the passenger's seat. It works for all characters we are cooperating with.

2. Other general glitch - when some characters (e.g. Joe) are talking about mission, they don't pay attention that we are driving too fast or we trash someone etc.

3. We can escape with Leo from his villa without being spotted by Henry! It's enough to follow this procedure:

From the room which Vito and Leo were spawned in, we go straight near the balustrade (NOT downstairs!). Then we head to the right, and when we see an action key and a text "Take the sheets", we press 'e' and we see an ending.

See it in case of any trouble

4. In Eric's Apt., we can see (and hear) a guy who's vomitting in the toilet; and in the kitchen a lady is separating the drugs. Also, at the door we can see a guy who's completely drunk and he falls on the ground.

5. After the Micks burned our villa, we can get rid of them in three ways:

-We can steal any car and kill them one by one - using exactly our car

-We can fight with one of these guys and take his gun; but watch out, there's one with the Grease Gun, being very harmful to us

-The easiest way is to wait till some cops arrive; they will start their siren and will shoot them

6. When we return to Joe's, we can hear the news about burning our villa in Greenfield by an unknown people. They also say that the victim has left in one piece.

7. Although we buy some clothes, Joe will be still calling us "avenger in an underwear".

8. After killing Mickey Desmond in his car (and not setting it on fire), we can take money from the dead Desmond.

9. After the Micks set our house on fire, we can find another two Micks near the Body Shop - finding & screen by hahalala

[Image: 23k2lhi.jpg]

Chapter 12 - 'Seagift'

1. When we are driving to see Bruno, Vito, Joe and Henry are mentioning about shooting and explosion in Empire Arms Hotel - and also about dead Clemente.

2. When Vito, Joe and Henry go to see Wong, they're talking about some guy from Falcone's family.

3. And now sth which gives reason for thinking - who were the fake cops at the Seagift magazines sent by ?

4. After kicking the door at Sea Gift magazines, we can see low quality dead bodies - finding & screen by Mohamed

[Image: 30cnf34.png]

Chapter 13 - 'Exit Of The Dragon'

1. When we are chasing Wong and when we get too close to his car near his restaurant, his driver will accelerate a bit more and he will start running away. If we won't catch him, mission will be failed.

2. After cutscene at the restaurant's door, we see two aquaries in the wall. The Chinese shoot at these and water flows out of the aquaries and we see one fish, makin' desperate moves due to lack of water.

3. When we are inside 'Red Dragon' restaurant, we see an old mandarin walking towards us.

4. After getting out of Chinese restaurant, in the radio we can hear the news about shooting in Chinatown.

Chapter 14 - 'Stairway To Heaven'

1. When we are in Greenfield, we can see our villa trashed completely.

2. When we are in Greenfield to kill Thomas Angelo, in the radio we can hear a song which is a reference for Mafia 1 - that is "Django Reinhardt - Belleville" (in Mafia 1 played on Central Island).

3. After killing Tommy Angelo, we see two guys chasing us. They seem to be Thomas's guards. One of them calls support from the police in Greenfield, revealing yourself as agent Cox. But in Mafia 1, the guy who protected Thomas, was inspector Norman.

4. When we deliver Joe to Kingston and we hit him with Smith Thunderbolt, our car will get damaged and our health will be less, too.

5. When we sink our car at the docks, after getting a gun from Derek and leaving his office, we will see it flying out from the water!

6. At the construction site, we can kill our first three opponents stealthily - using our hands. If we're lucky, we can find some grenades.

7. In the radio we can hear the news about shooting at the construction site.

8. When we pay off to Bruno, he asks Vito for his surname and when he hears, that he's named Scaletta, he mentions his father and says, that Vito is better with paying off than he was.

Chapter 15 - 'Per Aspera Ad Astra'

1. After conversation with Leo, we can kill the driver and then take care of Leo and Chu. It's difficult, because when you shoot the car, mission will be failed. You have to shoot the driver!

2. After killing a gangster on the roof of observatory, we can get some grenades.

3. When we enter a room with the telescope, we can open the roof a bit or rotate a telescope.

4. When we kill a gangster on the stairs leading down, his body will slip down. We can do the same with anyone in FR at Marty's Apt.

5. During the final battle, you can find some Molotov's cocktails.

6. At the parking lot in front of the observatory, we can see a big guy near Leo. It's Pepe Costa, who Vito met in the jail.

7. And now a thing which will set new light for an ending - the road where gangsters turned with Joe, leads to the observatory. Maybe they returned here or sth... I don't know. I expect that this issue will be revealed in Mafia 3 Tongue

8. We still can find Derek in his office - discovered by zahar999

Now it's time for Free Ride Smile I will return to missions & DLC's later.

1. When we have one dollar and the cops will chase us because of exceeding speed (or hitting other car) and we stop, instead of option "Pay a fine" is an option "Say sorry". After choosing this action, Vito will say "Sorry" and the cops will let him go.

2. When travelling a highway leading from Sand Island to Greenfield, we can see sth similar to a dinosaur's head.


It's even seen on a thumbnail

[Image: Dino.jpg]

3. This was discovered by Mike Bruski. When we go to the place marked on the map and we will look for a small entry, we will see place where dogs were probably trained.

It's in this red square

[Image: Map_of_Empire_Bay.jpg]

4. When we are driving across the city, we can see a trucks from Seagift & Clemente's Slaughterhouse, fuel tanks, buses and (very rare) US military trucks.

5. Bikes in Mafia 2 - finding & screens by Homunkulus69

[Image: ohuy6e.jpg]

[Image: 350jx1l.jpg]

That's everything I guess Smile


1. Joe has safe at home - discovered by Homunkulus69

2. In Freddy's Bar there's a secret flag; also, there's a misspelled Italian word - discovered by spaghettino - Read more

3. We can sell a burning car to Derek - discovered by spaghettino - Read more

4. There are some cities mentioned on Clemente and Sea Gift trucks - discovered by Taylor - Read more
Here I will post an interesting stuff from Mafia 2 DLC's.

DLC Joe's Adventures

1. In first mission - 'Witness - Frozen Memories' after the cutscene we approach a mirror near a wardrobe and when we will see an action button available, we press 'e' and Joe will be posing in front of the mirror.

2. While doing mission in Supermarket, we can see a poster talling us that 1000th customer will get Smith Mainline as a reward; but there's other car to get, it's Potomac Indian - discovered by Homunkulus69

Here are the screenshots - discovered by Homunkulus69:

[Image: M2JASupermarket1.jpg]

[Image: M2JASupermarket2.jpg]

[Image: M2JASupermarket3.jpg]

3. If you kill the witness, Joe will be singing in the car (it's a song 'I've Got Pocketful Of Dreams' performed by Bing Crosby) - discovered by Homunkulus69

4. If you replay 'Witness' mission being wanted, you will see that Joe changed his clothes. However, you will still be wanted - discovered by Homunkulus69

DLC Jimmy's Vendetta

DLC The Betrayal of Jimmy

1. In the last mission, when we get a red berkley Kingfisher, in the game it's dark red, but in the cutscene it's light red - discovered by Homunkulus69

All DLCs

1. You cannot reply tutorial missions - discovered by Homunkulus69
Does anyone know sth interesting from the DLCs ? Smile
In Buzzsaw i noticed that after getting MG 42 from harry there werent any cops, i robbed store, none showed up. I dont have time to try this again, maybe anyone can check?
Nice, haven't heard about it Big Grin
I have something interesting from DLC's.
1.Betrayal of Jimmy:
Last mission is get a gift from boss. It's blood red car. But in cutscene this car have different type of red color. maybe it's pink.
2. Joe adventure:
SUPERMARKET MISSION- on the windows and walls are posters with ADVERTISEMENT of prize for 1000 customer. It's Blood red Smith Mainline. This car should be in supermarket but theres is blood red Potomac as a prize!If you want i will do screenshots to prove.
Welcome and thank you for refreshing this thread Wink
cole you forget on the charpter 3 in the OPA we can hear two guards talking about television he say it have 3 channels and he love to watch cartoons and the other says thank you very much but with the money of the tv you can buy a car.
I didn't forget, I don't find it interesting Wink
i think it is, because people dont have too much tv in that time less even guards
Ok thanks Wink
Homunkulus69 Wrote:2. Joe adventure:
SUPERMARKET MISSION- on the windows and walls are posters with ADVERTISEMENT of prize for 1000 customer. It's Blood red Smith Mainline. This car should be in supermarket but theres is blood red Potomac as a prize!If you want i will do screenshots to prove.

Where are these screenshots ? Wink
I have rewarded hahalala, Scaletta93 and Homunkulus69 with +1 karma and a 'Thank you' for your findings. I also credited you & attached your findings to the list created before.

You can post some more if you know ofc. Wink
Joe Adventure:
1.If you kill witness joe will be singing a song in car.
2.If you replay a "Witness" (and be wanted by police)after final cutscene (5 years later) Joe will change clothes (this shirt with glasses and mustage) and you will be still wanted.
Here photos from supermarket about car Wink

[Image: M2JASupermarket1.jpg]

[Image: M2JASupermarket2.jpg]

[Image: M2JASupermarket3.jpg]
PS. M2 DLC's:
You can't repley tutorials in all DLC.
Homunkulus69 Wrote:PS. M2 DLC's:
You can't repley tutorials in all DLC.

What tutorials ? Wink
Findings rewarded Wink

Homunkulus69 Wrote:Joe Adventure:
1.If you kill witness joe will be singing a song in car.

Do you remember the song's title and performer ? Wink
Bing Crosby: I've Got A Pocketful Of Dreams
Here this song on You Tube:
I know, I wanted to check you Tongue

What tutorials did you mean in the prev post ? Wink

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