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Mafia 2 - interesting stuff
It would be awesome if you can go to some Shooting School or whatever its called and shooting targets , get score , and example if you get after 20 seconds about 1000 score , you will get licencion ... and cops will let u had gun Smile
Well, Harry had shooting range, but it was cutted.
Shot post=15701 Wrote:Well, Harry had shooting range, but it was cutted.

yeah i saw these:

[Image: tumblr_mrhcx2sDpg1sqd56ho1_1280.jpg]
Interesting the shooting range idea. :woohoo:

keeping to discover cut content nags me, :angry: i continuously think what mafia 2 could have been if made properly
with all the things they planned and then wasted away... Sad
I must say im too sad many things not happend , but i love mafia 2 story and that never gonna change Confusedide:
but if im thinking about deleted stuff ... there is deleted Cinema , and we know that Martys Dad works at Cinema so there should be maybe some mission with Marty if 2K Games would complete it ...
Two findings:

1. Mission 3, OPA

You enter the building and then you go to the toilet, closing the door. You will see that the doors have a green window and you cannot see very well through it - but when you look in the mirror, you will see that the same window is transparent and you can see what's behind it Tongue

2. Joe's Adventures, mission "Smuggler's luck" (quick way to do the mission)

Before you start the mission, find two Shubert Trucks (the big trucks, not pick-ups) and block the way your enemies will use to leave the docks. Start the mission and go to the place indicated - you will notice that one of these trucks disappeared, but the second one is still blocking their way, so you can finish them off with ease and steal the pick-up Tongue

Hope it will help you Smile

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