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Re: Matteo's Boxing Mod
Matteo's Boxing Mod
Part of Capoletti 2 I made this mod available separate to work in place of the tutorial. A grimy boxing rink. five opponents from a little girl to a badass and 300 health points, beat them all and survive to win the most money.

[Image: box1.JPG]

[Image: box2.JPG]

[Image: box3.JPG]
Brilliant Smile I wonder who's the most difficult opponent to eliminate.
well the Go in energy level from 50 - 300

The little girl, having 50 is easiest...BUT she's hard to hit ;o)
So pleased to have you back brother Smile
Thanks are the rock!
I lol'd hard when you included the girl. One problem though: the boxing platform had some major collision glitches, as Tommy and whoever he's beating up has their feet clipping through the ring.

Oh, and was the kid ped an unused model left over from the intro FMV?
Yeah and when you beat win the guy sinks into the canvas...oh well

The girl is Alice from the airport mission, franks daughter
Ahh. Haven't played that mission yet, although I did notice a child in the opening FMV. And another thing: It'll help if you put some moar characters for Tommy to beat up besides the ones you included.
It was just a place in a mod to visit, I thought it might be fun to put out there in a stand alone....if you want to add to it, go ahead
Sure. BTW, how do you scale models ingame like what you did to the mini car and giant peds in one of your videos?
I played the boxing mod whne originally released, I loved it, really cool mod. Smile
lpg_unit" post=4351":5jfh8pcw Wrote:Sure. BTW, how do you scale models ingame like what you did to the mini car and giant peds in one of your videos?

Any of the editing programs allow you scale the models

I use Bscriptview 95% of the time

Thanks Mike, its just a little thing
Can you give me a quick tutorial on that?
Sure, but it will have to wait for tonight
Thanks. I did try the BScriptView utility before, but it needed VB5 runtimes and some onscreen elements don't display properly.
Great Smile Now I know how to scale the cars.
Still looking for the original Mod if anyone finds it.

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