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Warhorse Studios Licensed CryENGINE®3!
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Quote:The team at Warhorse Studios consists of industry veterans from AAA classics such as the Mafia franchise and Operation Flashpoint. We’re excited by their vision for an innovative RPG and we are looking forward to working with them to help them achieve that vision with CryENGINE 3.

Congratulations to Warhorse Studio's. I will also say that the CryEngine3 is by far one of the best game engine's made to date.
Now what if they use CE3 for Mafia III?
Well, Vavra no longer has rights to the Mafia franchise, he could make his own Mafia game, but complete differ name, story etc, this CRYENGINE 3 is gonna go to his newest un-announced game, and that is his FreeRoam RPG, I assume we'll see something like Skyrim V, cause he truely is a genius at openworld gaming, and with CRYENGINE3, this means even more time spent on features of the world.
I can asure you that it wont be like skyrim Mike.Daniel Vavra is a genius and he can make a far better game than skyrim.He also said that he wont be limited cuz he found the right sponsors.After longer playing skyrim is bullshit in my opinion.Cuz you can be everything there Boss of assassins,Dragonborn,Thane of all villages and a lot more.But it wont give you anything valuable and worthy in the end.It wont effect the storyline at all Sad And thats a bullshit i think.
He also said that it will be acted in the times of Hussites.So i think there will be no sorcerers,wizards but realistic stuff and that can make it a cult game like Mafia 1 is Smile .
I apologize for stating Skyrim, just I heard it is hugely loved around the web, and I figured Vavra could produce the same love for his next game, I honestly don't really fancy those times or the magic in them. I would play Vavra's game, if it was entirely real.

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