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Using Injector
I just started playing M2 again, using Steam although I do have the game. I bought it the day it came out. Like everyone else, I waited and waited and waited for it.

I'm not understanding what it is you're supposed to do with Injector. What I want is to have unlimited ammo, unlimited health, etc. I have played through the game without those things, now I'd like to do what I used to do, with Mafia 1 and 2 and just run around and cause havoc without getting killed.

I have Injector in the PC folder. When I click on MafiaInjector, my Mafia 2 game starts and works fine, but that's as far as I get. Pressing F1 doesn't do anything and I don't know if it's supposed to or not.

Anyway, what do I do?

Have you edited the F1 file in notepad or wordpad and added a script?

You need to do that, then save it.

Click on the game, load on a mission and press F1.
No, I haven't edited anything. F1 already has a script (posted below). F1 to F8 have the same script. F9 to F11 all have scripts, but they're different. F12 is empty.

Is there a place to find the correct code to do the things I want to do?

Why aren't the current scripts working? I've been pushing F1, it doesn't do anything.

FYI, I downloaded Injector v.7.

This is what my log file says:
(the top line is blank then)
thread loaded
thread loaded

Contents of F1 to F8.lua: = true
Joe = game.entitywrapper:GetEntityByName("Joe")
Joe:InventoryAddWeapon(11, 250)
Joe:Follow(, "RUN", 2, 5)
Joe.invulnerability = true"HotRod-plameny3"),38)"GERARD", true)
I got problem with Injector too ... umm , do i need original game to make it run ???
Injector don't seem to work with re-packed versions of the game.

"I hate carrying my disc around with me


Therefor I just smoke more myself to make up what Vito don't. 

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