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Health ERROR!
In MAFIA II(2) chapter 6 Part 1 when i start to fight with that man (O. Neil) when he punch me my health is'nt decreasing.....and i am unable to pass the mission plz help...............i am using trainer....if i disable trainer then also it is not working..plz help!!!!!!!!!
How could it be, jimmygill ? Do you own original version ?
yeah it is a original version
You can't win with him. You must let him hit you till the cutscene will begin.
Yeah you can fight him for hours and you can't win, its all part of the story line, you have to lose that first fight. But you get another shot at him
What is another shot, Matteo ?
another shot = you get to fight him again
yes that how you end the chapter by fighting and kill him, a little video into Leo cell and your free

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