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Entertainment Off Topic Movies which you have seen recently :)
Here you can post a movies which you have seen recently :lol:

I was watching "The Conjuring" (2013) yesterday and I was scared as hell :lol:

If you like horror movies, this one is for you Tongue
Not into horror movies, but mystery oh boy how much I love. I've watched every single episode of "X-Files", now watching another TV show called "Supernatural". Anyways, the last movie I saw was "The Intouchables". I recommend it to you guys. So worth watching.
linukkis post=15796 Wrote:"X-Files"[...] Anyways, the last movie I saw was "The Intouchables".

Yeah, I was watching "X-Files" xD

I liked "The Intouchables" as well Smile

What about you, Taylor ? What have you seen ? :lol:
X-Files . Supernatural ❤❤❤
i not seened Intouchables ... Big Grin
but i think i will watch The Counjoiring cuz theres nothing to watch Big Grin if i die from fear , u paying hospital Cole Big Grin wait why would dead body go to hospital :pinch:
also last thing i watched was anime called "Death Note"
is here some fan of some anime ? Big Grin
but i also watched Grave Encounters 2 Big Grin i watched only 23 minutes .. it was really scary shit Big Grin
Speaking of anime, I've seen all the "Dragon Ball" saga, also "Initial D", and a little bit of "Nodame Cantabile". I've heard of "Death Note" but never actually watched it Smile
Watch it Big Grin

+1 for the untouchables. :woohoo:
The scene of the city traffic when the two capone's go to the bar before the bomb,
has a particular atmosphere that reminds me the first freeride in mafia 1: it also has almost the same music background, too.
I believe this movie has had an influential effect on the concept of the first mafia game .
No no no. I meant INtouchables, 2012 Big Grin This is absolutely different, I advise everyone who hasn't seen this movie to go and watch it. Might change the way we think about other people and relationship between us. The best movie I've seen so far.


But Untouchables also looks like a great movie, gonna watch it someday
Sick a little misunderstang from me, I was not aware of another untouchables :ohmy: :dry:

However i recommend the original one. Also i have a quick clip to better explain what i was meaning, check it out Smile

View My Video

Focus the music, the mood and overall ambience... see my point? How do you think it compares with mafia's freeride?
Looks alike B)
Watched 'Django Unchained' and 'The Iceman' based on Richard Kuklinski a mob hitman. I recommend them both, though as a Tarantino fan, I found django subpar compared to his previous work. Then again, how do you top movies like; pulp, basterds or kill bill.

Both movies highly enjoyable.

Also watch these:
Taylor Wrote:but i think i will watch The Counjoiring cuz theres nothing to watch Big Grin if i die from fear , u paying hospital Cole Big Grin

I only can pay for your grave :lol:
I only can pay for your grave :lol:

Big Grin congratulations to your 2004 posts  Wink
Spring Breakers

Gangster Squad - must see if you like mafia theme Wink

I just saw James Cameron's Avatar. At first I thought it was just an overrated piece of crap. But man I was sooo wrong. Amazing movie, incredible effects, touching story. Must be one of the best movies I've seen so far.


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