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Vito Bank account
If you play the story with no mods added, there is a way to stash money for Vito

Soon has you get out of jail, Fill your garage with lassiter Limos, you can stach 10 in your garage

and then after your house is burn down, you loose all your money

They only thing you don't loose is your garage.

After you drop Joe at his house, before you go to bed in marty apt

empty the garage and sale all the limos to derek, you you will get 25,850$

at 2585.00$ a piece. after you can start the new chapter with more money that you lost
I actually thought of the same thing when I played that level, I didn't put a Cadillac in the garage though and saved them up; I used a different vehicle.
If you try to sell Roller GL 300, you will earn twice (it costs about 5000$), but the most expensive car is Delizia Grandeamerica (6250$) Smile
if you notice i said unmodded version
I see, but I mean that you can earn more Smile
sure if you get 10 club de mer you will get 90,000$ they sale for 9,000$ a copie
In Made Man DLC there is a car called Potomac Elysium (it costs 9000 $) Smile

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