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New Theme - m‍‍ - 04-10-2015

We now have a brand new unique looking theme for our site and forums
Do you guys like it?
I definitely do it gives away positive energy.

There's still some issues with the theme, If you find any problems with the theme let me know and We'll fix it ASAP.

RE: New Theme - tomi20 - 04-11-2015

I really love the new theme, but there are some tweaks necessary Wink

I have managed out some tweaks:

And one other change would be, to add for post_content a 'background' value with 'none repeat scroll 0% 0% #F5F5F5'.

Please let me know, if you like the changes. Smile


Ps. Nice to see any updates here on the forums. I'm still working on a updated injector, but I haven't enough time to finish it.