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Name: Renault Towncar
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Submitted by: Mr Robville
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MD5: 7fec99715bfaba3b88d35dad9db4bafe
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Mafia Titanic Mod

~~Renault Towncar~~

Models: Mr Robville
Textures: Mr Robville
Sounds: Mr Robville
Converting: Mafiaman9mm & Mr Robville

instructions for installing the vehicles:
1.make sure the RWDATA.dll is patched, you can do this by
using the Mafia data extractor for the first time.

2.copy the folders "models" "maps" "sounds" & "tables" to the mafia root directory.

3.Play the game!
notes about the download:
the folder "Car models" can be used if you want to change other cars ingame using the Carchanger,
a list of the model names can be found inside the folder.
the following vehicles get replaced:

Falconer Yellowcar: Red Renault
Falconer Gangster: Green Renault
Falconer Purple: Purple Renault
Falconer Blue: Blue Renault
notes about the car model:
the doors of the passenger cabin open to the inside, this should be reversed (suicide doors type)
but making the doors as suicide doors makes the scale mess up for some strange reason.
so the doors might be temporary untill i found out a solution but for now they open to the inside.

the car has 4 gears and a max. speed of 75 Kmph (if im precise) however this is unrealistic
as the car came from 1912 and would have had only 1 or maybe 2 gears and a top speed of probably 30 or 40 Kmph
about Modifying and Copyright:
it is strictly forbidden to upload or reproduce this vehicle on any other website without permission (reproduce meant as ''change a texture, reupload it and claim the copyright as a thief'')
however the car is free to modify and if asked for permission you may upload it on only (or if a good reason is given for a diffrent website)

to make it simple:
changing models or textures and upload it without permission - WRONG
changing models or textures and upload it with permission - GOOD
use textures for other models without proper credit given - WRONG
modify the vehicle, ask for permission, and upload it - GOOD

i am quite open when it comes to modifying and asking permission for it, i can even help with it, but, uploading without permission and claiming copyright is STEALING!
as the copyright message shows, this model is protected by the authorslaw of the netherlands, and stealing may result in a fine or jail sentence, im not kidding.
and i repeat, uploading anonymously is in vain as IP adresses can be traced.
you wouldn't like someone to steal your models aswell right?

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