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Name: Police Package mod (SDS version)
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Submitted by: joshua
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Version: 4
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Police Package mod v.4 (SDS version)

by: Officerpuppy

What it does:
Subtle improvements to the uniform of police officers and prison guards. It also changes the police bus colors. This color scheme was used on NYPD vehicles during the 1950's.

Known Bugs:

1)Although the bus colors has been changed, in the prison cutscene, the original bus is still shown.
2)Although the police uniform has been altered, in cutscenes, the originals may still appear.

What's next:

1)I would like to repaint the police cars once I can figure out how.

I removed all the prison guard textures except for the ones in the JV DLC. For reasons I don't know why, they won't appear during the prison levels. Therefore, they really are just taking up uncessary space.


Replaced some of the police voices with voices from MAFIA 1.
Updated bumpmaps for police_char.

Removed all the prison guard textures except for the ones seen in the JV DLC.

Prison guards in JV have been updated.
Updated fake cop uniforms (Mission 13?).
New police siren (all police cars) and car horn (Ford Customline).

Updated prison bus text.
Added the Ford logo to the Ford Customline.
New prison guard textures.

V.1: Initial release

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